19 Most Memorable Grammys Outfits Of All Time

Take a look at the weird and the wonderful outfits through the years

Jennifer Lopez in Versace (2000)

This dress marks one of Jennifer Lopez’s most iconic moments on the red carpet. The show stopping green Versace gown with that plunging neckline was all anyone could talk about.

Lady Gaga in Armani Prive (2010)

Not one to shy away from a red carpet, Lady Gaga’s 2010 outfit is both fashion and art. This look from 2010 is just the beginning of her outrageous looks on the red carpet.In 2012, Lady Gaga arrived on the red carpet in a giant egg.

Nicki Minaj in Versace (2012)

Nicki Minaj arrived on the red carpet wearing a Versace red cloak outfit. Her date? A guy who is dressed like the pope… We don’t get it either. 

Rihanna in Dior (2015)

This pink, fluffy Dior dress is what internet memes are made of. The internet went crazy seeing Rihanna’s pink dress. However, the singer later took on to Instagram to say that Blue Ivy liked her dress. “She was also fully aware that she was in Dior, and not afraid to let ya know ok,” Rihanna wrote.  

Rihanna in Alaia (2013)

When Rihanna walked the red carpet in 2013, she was hands down the best dressed. Unfortunately, her dress wasn’t the only thing that people talked about as Rihanna controversially attended the 2013 Grammy’s with ex boyfriend, Chris Brown. 

Beyonce in Osman Yousefzada (2013)

Beyonce surprised everyone by opting to wear a jumpsuit instead of long dress. The jumpsuit was made by a young British designer Osman Yousefzada.

Adele in Valentino (2013)

Adele stepped out of her comfort zone by wearing a printed, red Valentino dress. While its different from her usual style of all black outfits, some had mixed opinions saying that the dress resembled floral wallpaper.

Kelly Rowland in Georges Chakra (2013)

The singer was sexy and scandalous wearing a Georges Chakra Couture dress, which featured strategically placed cutouts on her cleavage, thighs and midriff.

Olivia Newton John (1983)

Olivia Newton John wore this pink, princess style dress with a matching choker during the 1983 Grammy’s, where she won Best Video of the Year for “Physical”.

Katy Perry in Giorgio Armani (2011)

Katy Perry arrived at the 2011 Grammy’s wearing a custom-made Giorgio Armani evening dress featuring a Swarovski crystal encrusted bustier and an iridescent silk organza ruffled skirt. Perry walked the red carpet with then husband, Russell Brand.

M.I.A (2009)

M.I.A was heavily pregnant when she arrived at the Grammy’s in 2009. M.I.A rocked one of the most comfortable looking maternity dresses seen on the red carpet.

Fergie in Jean Paul Gaultier (2012)

Fergie wore a Jean Paul Gaultier dress which revealed her black undergarments. She told E! News Ryan Seacrest “I had two choices, this was the safe one. I’m kidding!”

Pharrell Williams (2014)

Viewers were left amused when Pharell wore this Vivienne Westwood hat all night long during the Grammys. Many memes later, the hat is now on display at Washington D.C’s Newseum, where its on exhibit as part of pop culture history.

Toni Braxton in Richard Tyler (2001)

Proof that naked dresses has always been in, Toni Braxton wore this white dress during the 2001 Grammy’s. Braxton says “I’ve always gone a little risque with all my other awards [show outfits],” she has said. “I decided that before I got married and had babies, I’d wear this.”

Madonna in Givenchy (2016)

Always one to make a red carpet statement, Madonna wore this matador isnpired Givenchy outfit during the 2016 Grammy’s.

Celine Dion (1993)

s that revealed her black thong and nothing else. Celine Dion wore a very sheer dress during the 1993 Grammy

Rihanna in Jean Paul Gaultier (2011)

After Rihanna wore this sheer white dress, the CBS sent out a note to all of the artists to “Please avoid bare fleshy under curves of the buttocks and buttock crack”.

Katy Perry in Ellie Saab (2015)

Possibly inspired by her film, The Smurfs, Katy Perry matched her Ellie Saab blue dress with her hair.

Nicki Minaj (2011)

In one of her most outrageous red carpet looks , Nicki Minaj  wore a wig and a leopard print bodysuit. “This is all my hair,” she joked of her wig. “At night, if I press a certain button, my hair grow up. I press another button, it activates the color in it.”  

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