We Finally Have A Premiere Date For ‘American Crime Story’ Season 3, Starring Beanie Feldstein

The series will chronicle Clinton's relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

After Beanie Feldstein’s breakout role in Lady Bird and then her incredible follow-up in Olivia Wilde’s film Booksmart, we were very excited to hear that the 26-year-old (and younger sister of Jonah Hill) was confirmed to take on her most serious part to date: playing Monica Lewinsky in American Crime Story‘s third instalment.

It has just been confirmed that the premiere date will be September 7, 2021. 

The third season, which is focused on former US President Bill Clinton’s affair with his White House intern and subsequent impeachment, has also confirmed some of its other A-list cast. 

Feldstein will star alongside Sarah Paulson, who will play Linda Tripp, and Annaleigh Ashford, who will play Paula Jones. With Clive Owen recently confirmed to play the role of Bill Clinton.

But the best part about Impeachment: American Crime Story is that the real Lewinsky is serving as an executive producer on the series.


Ryan Murphy, who created American Crime Story, told The Hollywood Reporter last year that he had second thoughts about making Lewinsky and Clinton the focus of the upcoming season, saying he told Lewinsky at the time that if it were to go ahead, she should be involved.

“I told her, ‘Nobody should tell your story but you, and it’s kind of gross if they do,'” he said. “‘If you want to produce it with me, I would love that; but you should be the producer and you should make all the goddamn money.'”

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John Landgraf, chairman of the FX Networks and FX Productions, said when the season was announced in August of 2019, “Impeachment: American Crime Story will explore the overlooked dimensions of the women who found themselves caught up in the scandal and political war that cast a long shadow over the Clinton Presidency.”

Impeachment: American Crime Story has postponed filming until October 2020. It will feature on FX in the USA. No word yet on whether it will be available on Netflix Down Under, however, both The People v. O. J. Simpson and The Assassination of Gianni Versace eventually were, so here’s hoping. 

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