April Horoscopes: What’s In The Stars For You Next Month?

New energy awaits.

Your April horoscopes are finally here.

This month, newfound energy is heading in the Ram’s direction, but make sure enthusiasm doesn’t drift into anger.

Keep reading for what your star sign can expect this month.



It’s time to get real about finances. If you’re spending more than you’re earning, the solar eclipse signals a budget overhaul. Think outside the box to generate income – maybe a quirky side hustle, like selling handmade crafts online or offering virtual yoga classes. This month, thanks to Jupiter and Uranus, you’ll master the art of saying no.

Take on this newfound assertiveness and step into a more empowered you. The full moon awakens your wanderlust. For some, this means travel plans; for others, it’s about expanding horizons through an educational course or workshop.

POWER DAYS April 4, 11, 29



Starting April 2, Mercury’s retrograde stirs communication mix-ups. Make your intentions crystal clear to avoid misunderstandings, and double-check travel plans. Signing legal documents? Maybe wait until after the 25th. April 9’s solar eclipse redefines your approach to self-love and emotional boundaries.

Reassess your relationships, especially toxic ones. You’re known for wearing your heart on your sleeve, but now it’s about finding the sweet spot between giving your all to others and honouring your own needs. Finally, Mars enters your sign on April 30, bringing a surge in energy and drive. Keep a lid on any angry outbursts to constructively channel this newfound enthusiasm.

POWER DAYS April 5, 9, 30



Venus crosses your path with an insightful woman. But with Mercury playing tricks in retrograde, listening more and speaking less is crucial so you don’t miss her pearls of wisdom. Your birthday season starts on the 19th, launching a brand-new 12-month journey.

It’s a powerful time to rethink your goals and set fresh intentions. Then, on April 21, Jupiter and Uranus align in your sign, lifting a heavy burden off your shoulders. You’ll feel a sense of relief and freedom, and best of all this rare cosmic event hints at a stroke of unexpected luck.

POWER DAYS April 11, 21, 29



It’s not the time for off-the-cuff remarks. Mercury’s backspin from April 2–25 could tangle your words. Genuine heart-to-heart exchanges are on the cards, but take a moment to craft those conversations in your head before speaking. This approach requires patience, but it’s the bridge to true understanding. From the 19th, the sun motivates you through a vivid dream, offering clues on how to shine in just the right way.

This dream may highlight a forgotten passion or hidden talent. As April wraps up, Mars stirs a disagreement with a friend. Remember Mercury’s lessons and plan your rebuttal with verbal savvy.

POWER DAYS April 16, 24, 25



Mercury’s retrograde through your professional sector suggests slowing down. Cutting corners may backfire, so take your time and ease off. If higher-ups push for speedy results, gently explain that quality work takes time.

Start planning if you’re contemplating a career sea change, but proceed only after Mercury changes gears on the 25th. Single? If your date seems flaky, walk away; look for someone who has their act together. Around the 24th, couples can expect a memorable evening of connection and loads of laughs.

Make your mantra “Lovers who play together, stay together.”

POWER DAYS April 9, 12, 24



Mid-month, the sun sharpens your focus on a career goal. It’s your time to climb the success ladder, fast. If you’re job hunting, a golden chance emerges to progress both professionally and personally.

Jupiter and Uranus’ rare alignment on April 21 opens a doorway to change, possibly by letting go of a dream that no longer resonates with your evolving self. If you’re married, beware of potential in-law tensions. A misunderstanding could spark unnecessary conflict. Hold off on clearing the air until after April 25, when communication is clearer and cooler heads prevail.

POWER DAYS April 5, 9, 12



When Mercury slows down on April 2, you might feel like hitting the snooze button more often. So instead of rushing through the month, slow your pace. Mercury’s retrograde through your intimacy zone might foster a meaningful connection. Ask yourself: could being more transparent enrich this relationship?

It’s also a prime time to explore your sexual desires and needs. Money-wise, April calls for caution: hold off on new commitments or signing legal documents until after the 25th. That said, it’s a great month to research investments – a little homework now will pay off later.

POWER DAYS April 12, 16, 19



Venus awakens a deep craving for affection and connection. Single? Don’t settle for anything less than feeling cherished. In a relationship? It’s time to remember why you’re together – those little acts of love matter. Not feeling appreciated? Sometimes, giving love is the best way to receive it.

By April 30, a shift from gentle affection to an intense desire for sexual satisfaction takes over. The full moon on April 24 is your cue to streamline finances. Maybe start by unsubscribing from services you no longer use. Small steps towards financial freedom make a big difference this month.

POWER DAYS April 7, 18, 29



April’s solar eclipse on the 9th greenlights ditching a self-sabotaging habit or pattern, paving the way towards a healthier you. Whether it’s revamping your fitness regimen or diet, be ready for a fresh take on wellness.

Mid-month, the sun boosts your confidence through a work collabor­ation that skyrockets your reputation or from your partner’s unwavering support when you need it most. The full moon in your sign encourages you to embrace vulnerability. In expressing your feelings, the fog will lift on a personal dilemma – expect a lightbulb moment by week’s end.

POWER DAYS April 11, 22, 30



With Mercury reversing through your love zone, you yearn for genuine gestures over grand romantic displays. This month, you realise that someone who shows up for you is actually what counts. April’s solar eclipse fans your creative flames.

Unleash your inner artist and let your intuition guide you without overthinking. By April 21, Jupiter and Uranus resolve a niggling health issue, easing your journey to a more vibrant you. As the month closes, La Luna calls for downtime. Sagittarius, it’s not laziness; it’s about recharging your batteries to prevent burnout. Relax, rejuve and repeat.

POWER DAYS April 11, 21, 24



Around April 11, thanks to Mars and Saturn, you’ll find the courage to speak your mind. Sure, it’s nerve-racking to lay your thoughts bare, but the relief afterwards is priceless. During Mercury’s retrograde, you may wrestle with your mother’s expectations about your career or relationship choices.

Remember, it’s your life. The full moon on April 24 sheds light on a friend’s secret, yet their confession tests your principles. Stay true to your moral code and offer a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on. Balancing honesty with empathy is the key.

POWER DAYS April 9, 11, 20



April’s solar eclipse revolutionises your social media presence. It could be a casual conversation with a younger relative or colleague that offers a fresh, innovative perspective. A big decision looms around April 9, but remember that there’s no rush.

Allow events to unfold and trust in fate. House-hunting Aquarians find their perfect pad, which doesn’t tick the usual boxes but feels just right. Or if you’re selling your property, Jupiter and Uranus will be your allies for a successful sale. Come month’s end, the full moon highlights a fantastic job opening. It’s your call to seize it or stay put.

POWER DAYS April 9, 20, 21

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