Meet The Single Ladies Vying For Jimmy Nicholson’s Heart On ‘The Bachelor’ Australia 2021

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Get your roses at the ready, because The Bachelor Australia is officially hitting our screens on July 21, and now, we’ve finally been given a sneak peek at the ladies vying for Jimmy Nicholson‘s heart. 

And as we patiently await the premiere, now is the perfect time to get familiar with the faces entering the mansion ahead of their red carpet entrances.

From crane operators to flight attendants, get to know the women that are sure to be on your screens every Wednesday and Thursday night.

The Bachelor Australia 2021 Contestants

Below, every Bachelor Australia 2021 contestant that we know of so far, their Instagram and their follower counts pre-show.

Happy stalking! 

The Bachelor Australia 2021
The Bachelor Australia 2021
The Bachelor Australia 2021
The Bachelor Australia 2021

Brooke Cleal

The Bachelor Australia 2021

Annabelle O’Regan

28-year old Annabelle says she’s never been in deep, deep love – but could The Bachelor change all that? Her perfect man has brown hair and green eyes, which sounds very conveniently like Jimmy. 

Instagram: @beloregan

Followers: 1,355



34-year old dance teacher Ash is sure to show Jimmy a good time. She says her most embarrassing moment was when her stiletto heel broke during a first date, so we’re wishing her the best of luck tonight on the red carpet. 

Instagram: @ash_lee13

Followers: 2,716


Ashleigh Freckleton

Ashleigh is a 28-year old speech pathologist who describes herself as the “bubbliest, most enthusiastic, freckle.”

Instagram: @afreckle_

Followers: 1,513


Carlie Hodges

Carlie is a 33-year old corporate lawyer who says her parents’ loving 46-year marriage has taught her what she wants in a partner.

She is keen to start a family of her own. 

Instagram: @carliehodges

Followers: 493


Belinda Robinson

This 29-year old criminal lawyer is a “hopeless romantic” who is ready to close the door on her single life for good. 

“I’m manifesting my fairy tale happy ending,” she said. 

Instagram: @belindacrobinson

Followers: 3,132


Elena Louise

This 33-year old personal trainer describes herself as strong and independent, but fun and bubbly as well. 

She’s ready to settle down with the man of her dreams and pop out two kids not long after. 

Instagram: @activeinstinct.lena

Followers: 9,559


Hannah Norman

Hannah is a 26-year old registered nurse who has been in love twice before, but is hoping the third time’s the charm. 

She’s down to earth, and looking for a partner who loves adventure and a laugh. 

Instagram: @hannahnorman 

Followers: 469


Jacinta Boys

29-year old executive recruiter Jacinta applied for the show after years of no luck in finding her forever man. 

She’s admitted to frequently ignoring red flags, and says her perfect date involves something outdoorsy followed by wine. 

Instagram: @jacintaboyss

Followers: 576


Laura O’Loughlin

This 28-year old from SA is done with the dating game and ready to settle down. 

She says she has “more than enough personality to keep him occupied until we’re old and withered.” 

Instagram: @_lauraoloughlin

Followers: 729


Lauren J

A 29-year old office administrator, Lauren has warned she isn’t afraid of confrontation when it comes to winning Jimmy’s heart. 

Instagram: @loveandlauren

Followers: 1,168


Madison Allen

This 24-year old marketing coordinator loves nothing more than a man who is funny and loyal. She’s hoping Jimmy will slot easily into life with her family and friends if she makes it to the end. 

Instagram: @_maddyallen

Followers: 918



A 27-year old youth support worker, Rebekah says she often gets ghosted by guys after falling hard and fast. She can be found sitting on the couch, watching romantic comedies and bawling her eyes out to mend her broken heart. 

Instagram: @bekmodernel

Followers: 1,480


Sierah Swepstone

This 28-year old technical analyst from Victoria is fully prepared to be engaged by the end of the show. 

“Let him know I want an oval or marquise cut on a gold band,” she said.  

Instagram: @sweppo

Followers: 2,607


Stephanie Lynch

Stephanie is a 27-year old business manager who loves throwing herself headfirst into new experiences. 

Her perfect man is tall, dark and handsome, with a self-deprecating sense of humour.

Instagram: @ssgl

Followers: 1,777



29-year old hair stylist Stevie says she has high standards but loves deeply. 

She isn’t judgmental when it comes to physical appearance, but said her ideal man is an animal-lover with a positive outlook on life.

Instagram: @steviejeangrey

Followers: 2,232


Tahnee Leeson

A 27-year old corporate travel manager, Tahnee describes herself as “mentally strong” and comfortable with the woman she is.

Her perfect date is a picnic or stunning restaurant with great food. 

Instagram: @tahneerae

Followers: 1,848



Tamlyn, a 25-year-old customer service officer, said her dream man is outgoing, confident and “extremely funny” and goal-driven.

After falling in love with her best friend, who didn’t feel the same way, Tamlyn hopes Jimmy could be the one.

Instagram: @tamlynleigh

Followers: 1,718


Tatum Hargraves

Tatum is a 26-year old company director looking for a confident, loving and emotionally available man. 

She describes herself as extremely family-oriented, and can’t wait to introduce Jimmy to her family. 

Instagram: @tatumhargraves

Followers: 3,642

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