Kim Kardashian’s Go-To Fitness Class Opens In Sydney

Tone up fast with this super intense class

A firm favourite of celebrities like Jessica Biel, David Beckham, Jessica Gnomes and Kim Kardashian, Los Angles’ cult workout ‘Barry’s Bootcamp’ is finally hitting our shores! And with over 42 locations worldwide already hosting their sell-out classes, it’s about time.

With two Sydney locations confirmed, Martin Place and Surry Hills, and several more in the works around Australia, Barry’s Bootcamp is set to shake things up.

Known as the ‘workout that works’, Barry’s has gained such a strong following by mixing cardio and HIIT for 55 minutes in the ‘Red Room’. Expect pumping tunes, nightclub lighting and an instructor buffer than a Ken doll.   

“No class is ever the same,” explains Head of Fitness, Blake Bridges. “And we break up our workouts by days of the week. So we focus on a different body part each day – it’s based on the principle that if you want to come five, six, seven times a week you can, without over-working your body.”

“Well, you’ll either start on the treadmills,” says Blake, “where you’ll hit hills, inclines, sprints, and long runs. Or you’ll start on the floor, where you’ll use dumbbells, balls and bands. Then you’ll cross over. We keep it simple but at the same time it’s very, very effective.”

Inside Barry’s ‘Red Room’

It’s these two start positions that have Barry’s devotees in eternal debate over. And while the jury is still out on whether it’s better (read: easier) to start on the treadmill or the floor… our advice is to choose the floor. That way you’ll be warmed up before you hit the weights.

Classes are designed to keep your heart rate high and to have minimal down time, however Blake stresses that although you can work your body really hard, you are also encouraged to pace yourself – meaning that you don’t have to be built like Robocop to enjoy a sesh. 

“For example, on the treadmill, I’m going to call out three speeds; beginner, intermediate, and advanced,” explains Blake. “You can choose your speed, because we know that everyone has a different fitness level. And if you want to step it up and make the intensity even more, we can help you do that too.”

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