These Are Our Picks For The Best Winter Doonas In Australia

Stay warm.

Winter cold snaps are the worst if your home isn’t warm enough, but they’re particularly uncomfortable if your bed isn’t a cosy haven. Enter winter doonas, either all-seasons or a heavier quilt type that ensures you stay warm and snug through the night.

There are many materials you can invest in when it comes to winter doonas in Australia, but in our opinion the best are wool, down and bamboo, a material that’s been adopted by several brands to create down-like softness without compromising on sustainability.

Below are our favourite winter doonas in Australia.


Best All-Seasons Doona: Koala

The Koala All-Seasons Duvet has high ratings for a reason – snap one layer off, and you’ve got a breathable doona for summer nights. Add the layer back on, and you’ve got a cosy winter quilt. Using a polyester fibre that mimics down, it’s warm and soft for a good night’s sleep.

Koala All-Seasons Duvet, Queen, from $245


Best Wool Quilt: Woolstar

Proudly Australian made, Woolstar are in the business of, well, wool, so it makes sense that they produce some really great winter doonas. The Eco Winter Wool Quilt is big, fluffy and warm – working with your body to regulate your temperature and keep you snug all night.

Woolstar Eco Winter Wool Quilt, Queen, $339


Best Luxe Doona: Sheridan

When it comes to luxury, down is pretty high up there in terms of filling. The Sheridan Pure Indulgence Goose Down & Feather Quilt uses 85% Hungarian white goose down and 15% white goose feather, meaning it’s super soft, luxuriously pillowy and will practically guarantee a good night’s sleep.

Sheridan Pure Indulgence 85/15 Goose Down & Feather Quilt, Queen, $1,199


Best Allergy-Friendly Doona: Tontine

Tontine have been in the doona business for decades, and their allergy-friendly offerings are top tier. This Allergy Sensitive All-Seasons Quilt is currently on sale for a ridiculously cheap price tag, and inhibits the growth of mould, bacteria, and dust mites.

Tontine Allergy Plus All-Seasons Quilt, Queen, $59.99

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