We Now Know When ‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 Is Being Released

Brace yourselves

Now that HBO has officially confirmed Big Little Lies is returning for a second season, all that’s left is for us to know exactly when we can expect the new episodes to air. 

Thankfully, the show’s creator David E. Kelley has spilled a few more secrets, saying that the story won’t stray too far from the likes of season 1. 

“We were all mourning the characters. That’s how ‘over’ this felt,” Kelly told Hollywood Reporter of the end of the series.

“After the shoot and post, there was a period of grieving for this world we so loved. Not wanting to let go, we continued to churn our creative wheels and wonder if there could be a second season and started to explore that. Liane Moriarty wrote a novella for where she thought it could go, and she really delivered some rich material.”

Big Little Lies

“As much as we loved the show, it would have been a mistake to go down the road again without the material to support the decision,” he continued. “The nucleus of material had to be there. I had ideas for where the studio could go, but I couldn’t look others in the eye and go, ‘I’m positive we can measure up to year one.’ So we went back to Liane and asked her if she had anything else to throw at us. She thought on it and turned over a novella with different directions the series could go in.”

“It was such a rich springboard for me jump off. As the process goes, you discover if it’s fertile or not – but the further I got, the more excited I became that this series had a future in it.”

Kelly also revealed the release date for season 2 – and it’s nowhere near as soon as we’d hoped: “We’re trying to have something locked, posted, and done for the beginning of 2019.”

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