Blake Lively’s Old-School Workout Is Unbelievably Intense

Rather her than us

Ever since she first graced our screens as the lithe Serena van der Woodsen on Gossip Girl, women have wanted to look just like Blake Lively.

And now you can (instant disclaimer: provided you have a lot of time and discipline). Lively’s trainer, Don Saladino of Drive Gyms, has shared just how he puts the star through her paces in preparation for a big role or event.

Saladino told that he relies on old-school training routines to keep Lively in shape. “It’s not the amount of time you spend, it is what you do in that time,” he says. “You don’t need an hour and a half – those days are over, that’s for dinosaurs.”

“You can get in and do things in 20-30 minutes, and you could build a world-class physique in that time.”

Just how does Lively spend her precious 20-30 minutes? Try “Old school farm boy stuff.”

Saladino has her doing 2-3 sets of squats, farmer’s walks, sled pushes (exactly what it sounds like – pushing a weighted sled), deadlifts and incline push-ups.

“This is burning high calories, and getting her foundation really, reall strong,” he says. “When you are doing these exercises, you are not training one area of the body. They are complex and compound and they are requiring the whole body to wrok. You also get that cardiovascular effect too.”

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