Twitter Noticed Brad Pitt Keeps Morphing Into His Girlfriends

And the internet is in meltdown mode

Over the weekend, the internet realised something important: not only has Brad Pitt dated a lot of famous women, he transforms into them during the relationship. 

From his bleached blonde hair in Gwyneth era to blonde streaks to marry Jen and aviator glasses to match Ange, Brad gets his style cues from his leading ladies – and the internet has proof. 

A Twitter user shared the below above of an article titled: ‘Brad: The man who likes to look like his girlfriend’, saying that after seeing it she ‘can’t stop thinking about it.’

brad gwen
brad ange

Following up her tweet, Sarah found further examples of Brad’s weird habit before, naturally, others chimed in.

Behold, Brad Copycat Pitt in all his glory:

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