Move Over Bachie, ‘Bride & Prejudice’ Is Coming

We’re ready

Controversial reality TV? Tick. Dating drama? Tick. Love stories turning to tragedy…we think season two of Channel Seven’s Bride & Prejudice will be our next reality TV obsession.

Pull out your bag of popcorn and get yourself comfortable because six loved-up couples, who believe they have found their soul mates, are desperately trying to convince their families they have found the one. 

Annnddddd plan their wedding at the same time… no biggie.

Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Weddings follows last year’s inaugural season which tackled race, religion and sexual orientation and the familial bigotry that couples faced as they made their way to the alter.

Ange and Dylan have already earned the #couplegoals this season but Ange’s dad thinks her relationship with Dylan is “an abomination to the lord”. Is it possible to change an opinion that strong?

After engagement announcements and in-law meetings, we’ll witness the difficulties each couple will encounter and against the odds, potential spouses will aim to prove that their love can lead to long-lasting marriages. But some couples’ love wasn’t strong enough to last the first season and resulted in them ending their relationships early on. 

We already know Jess and Seyat have some odds stacked against them with Seyat’s mother Fatima saying he’s too young to marry and has picked the wrong girl in “party girl” Jess. Hooked already? Us too.

Bride & Prejudice: The Forbidden Wedding is coming to Channel 7 this month.

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