Britney Spears Is An Artist Now – And Her First Painting Has Sold For $US10,000

We are in awe

If you weren’t aware that pop-princess-turned-Vegas-performer Britney Spears is, like, totally an artist now, you’ve been missing out. Specifically, you’ve been missing out on the sheer glory of this video, which the star uploaded to Instagram last month:

See? She paints.

Britney’s abstract artwork, overtly feminine in its nature and a desperately needed antidote to our dreary times (at least, that’s how we expect to hear it described in years to come), was bought last night for a whopping $US10k. Spears donated her masterpiece to Vegas Cares, an auction at The Venetian that was held to raise funds for a sculpture to commemorate victims of the Las Vegas festival shooting.

britney spears painting auction
Britney’s completed work. (Credit: Getty)

Robin Leach, long-time host of Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous, bought the artwork.

Bravo, Britney. Bravo.

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