Bumble Is Now Allowing You To Filter By Star Sign

Bye, Geminis!

There are some things in life that are non-negotiable. Wearing deodorant to work, not touching other people on public transport, loading more cheese than available cracker space… you know, the usuals. So when it comes to dating, it only makes sense that we want the opportunity to weed out allll the Geminis in our lives. Yep, you heard us May/June kids — we want out.

Now, thanks to Bumble’s new feature, it’s possible to filter potential love interests by their star sign, meaning you can run far away from your incompatible matches and focus on those who will do you good.

The news, of course, is good and bad. For Geminis, Scorpios and Leo, it’s time to switch back to Tinder, but those who identify as a Virgo, Aquarius or Pisces, it’s your time to THRIVE. Not only does it mean you can pick and choose who works best with your sign, it means there’s no awkward questions when it comes to subtly bringing up astrology on the first date. We really do need to know your sign, otherwise this isn’t going to work long term.

The feature has been available on the platform since December, following an update which allowed users to list their star sign as part of their profile. It does, however, only work for those who have chosen to list their star sign — so a secret Scorpio might be lurking in the shadows. That being said, take it from this writer that Scorpios are actually a lot better than their reputation. I can say that, because I’m a Scorpio.

2018 might not have been your year for love, but if Bumble has anything to say about it 2019 has it all written in the stars.

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