Carrie Bickmore’s Hilarious Attempt To Get A Sleep In During The Holidays

This could have been brilliant

Carrie Bickmore is just like any other parent during the school holidays, desperate for some relief – and a sleep in. Heck forget just parents, we’re all like that.

But when you’ve got two children who insist on waking up at 5am you’ve got to think smart.

And that’s just what The Project host did, but it didn’t quite go according to plan.



“The lengths you go to as a parent (or maybe just me) to make your kids room dark when on holidays,” she wrote.

“Alfoil on the windows 👌 (unfortunately I ran out on the last window so we still had 5am wake ups!) I could have just gone to the shops and got more but I was in holiday mode and couldn’t be bothered!!!! 😭#notadruglab”.

Thankfully her fans had plenty of useful ideas for what she could use to cover that last window, but one had a little bit of bad news about the way she’s put the foil up…

“You know if you are looking at the shiny side, the sun is absorbing the heat into the room, whereas if you put the shiny side on the outside the sun will reflect, keeping the room cooler!”

Back to the drawing board, Carrie.

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