16 ‘Sex And The City’ Celebrity Cameos That Are Too Good To Forget

Wait, was that...?

Not a day goes by where we don’t reflect on the impacts Sex and the City had on our lives—from re-shaping wardrobes around the world, to introducing us to characters that make return binge-viewing so easy.

With a show as revered as SATC, plenty of stars wanted their own slice of the pie, too—and naturally, the show enjoyed some suitably major celebrity cameos during its six-year run.

There were the stars who played amped-up versions of themselves (Lucy Liu and Heidi Klum, for example), the ones who played fictional characters (i.e. Geri Halliwell and Sarah Michelle Gellar), and the ones who starred in minor roles before embarking on very long and successful careers (AKA a very young and unknown Bradley Cooper).

Because everyone loves a TV flashback (and there’s a reboot in the works), scroll down for 16 stars who cameoed on Sex and the City in its heyday.

Heidi Klum on Sex and the City
(Credit: HBO)

Heidi Klum (season two, episode four)

In what might be our favourite SATC episode ever, Carrie walks a charity runway show wearing blue Dolce & Gabbana (and that beehive ‘do), and meets supermodel Heidi Klum backstage. Though Klum later steps over Carrie when she infamously falls over on the runway, they high-five when Carrie gets back up and has her runway moment.

Lucy Liu on Sex and the City
(Credit: HBO)

Lucy Liu (season four, episode 11)

Liu’s unforgettable cameo came in *SATC*’s fourth season. The actress played herself, and memorably hired Samantha Jones to do her PR—a scenario that backfired when Jones used Liu’s name to buy herself an Hermès ‘Birkin handbag. Almost as iconic as Liu’s one-episode arc was the blue Galliano-era Dior top she wore in her final scene, where she fired Samantha and snatched the bag for herself.

Miley Cyrus in Sex and the City 2
(Credit: HBO)

Miley Cyrus (Sex and the City 2)

The critically panned second SATC film was littered with cameos, but few stand out as memorably as Miley Cyrus’ one—where she rocked up on the red carpet wearing the same outfit as Samantha Jones (albeit, with a slightly different statement necklace).

Geri Halliwell on Sex and the City
(Credit: HBO)

Geri Halliwell (season six, episode 10)

Halliwell, who’s also known as ‘Ginger Spice’ in the iconic girl group The Spice Girls, made a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it cameo as Samantha Jones’ well-to-do British friend, Phoebe, in a later episode of SATC.

Sarah Michelle Gellar on Sex and the City
(Credit: HBO)

Sarah Michelle Gellar (season three, episode 13)

The Buffy actress was one of a handful of encounters Carrie had when she, Samantha and Miranda visited Los Angeles in season three, playing a young Hollywood producer looking to turn Carrie’s book into a film.

Matthew McConaughey on Sex and the City
(Credit: HBO)

Matthew McConaughey (season three, episode 13)

During the same L.A. trip in season three, McConaughey played a creepier version of himself at the height of his rom-com fame, where he met with Carrie at Paramount Studios to discuss a film adaption of her book (and ended up putting her off the idea altogether).

David Duchovny on Sex and the City
(Credit: HBO)

David Duchovny (season six, episode 10)

Appearing in the same episode as Geri Halliwell, The X-Files star Duchovny appeared as a romantic interest of Carrie’s, who she lovingly supports through his time in rehab.

Carrie Fisher on Sex and the City
(Credit: HBO)

Carrie Fisher (season three, episode 14)

Star Wars’ Carrie Fisher (another famous ‘Carrie’, in case you didn’t notice), was another star who appeared during Carrie, Miranda and Samantha’s memorable L.A. jaunt in season three.

Bradley Cooper on Sex and the City
(Credit: HBO)

Bradley Cooper (season two, episode four)

Long before he became an A-list actor, director and producer, Cooper played one of Carrie’s brief love interests in the second season of *SATC*, before he taunted her about her less-than-flattering New York Magazine cover.

Jon Bon Jovi on Sex and the City
(Credit: HBO)

Jon Bon Jovi (season two, episode 13)

Bon Jovi, the rocker and “Living On A Prayer” singer, cameoed as a man Carrie meets at therapy, and who wants to see her romantically with no interest in a long-term relationship. Naturally, the fling between the two characters lasted only one episode.

Kristen Johnston on Sex and the City
(Credit: HBO)

Kristen Johnston (season six, episode 18)

Actress Kristen Johnston appears as the ill-fated Manhattan party girl Lexi Featherston in SATC‘s third-last episode, where she trips and falls while smoking from the window of a downtown skyscraper after proclaiming: “I’m so bored I could die.” Later in the episode, the four main characters attend her funeral.

Kat Dennings on Sex and the City
(Credit: HBO)

Kat Dennings (season three, episode 15)

Before she went on to star in 2 Broke Girls and Thor, one of Kat Dennings’ first on-screen appearances was in SATC‘s third season, where she played a spoiled, wealthy New York teenager consulting Samantha Jones for PR advice (and eventually one-upping Samantha at her own game).

Carole Bouquet on Sex and the City
(Credit: HBO)

Carole Bouquet (season six, episode 20)

Bouquet is a famous French model and actress, and was famously the face of Chanel No. 5 in the 1980s. She appeared in the last-ever episode of SATC as the French ex-lover of Carrie’s Russian boyfriend, Alexsandr Petrovsky, and the two women get lunch together in a swanky Parisian restaurant.

Liza Minelli in Sex and the City 2
(Credit: HBO)

Liza Minnelli (Sex and the City 2)

We can’t say we’ll ever forget Minnelli’s SATC2 cameo, where the famous actress and singer performed an extremely camp version of Beyoncé’s “Single Ladies” at Stanford Blatch and Anthony Marantino’s wedding.

Jennifer Hudson in the Sex and the City movie

Jennifer Hudson (the first Sex and the City movie)

In less of a cameo and more of a starring role, Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Hudson portrayed Carrie’s assistant, Louise, in the first SATC movie. One slightly notorious part of Louise’s character arc is the Louis Vuitton handbag she was gifted by Carrie, which many fans have argued isn’t the most timeless of pieces (it was 2008, might we add).

Donald Trump on Sex and the City
(Credit: HBO)

Donald Trump (season two, episode eight)

Long before he became President, Donald Trump was known for his esteemed social status in Manhattan, so of course he was bound to have a fictional run-in with Samantha Jones. It would be another 17 years before Trump was elected President, and the knowledge of his real-life chaotic presidency makes this scene slightly odd to watch in 2021.

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