The Most Uncanny Celebrity Doppelgängers

The resemblance is uncanny

Lili Reinhart and Brittany Murphy

Ever since Lili Reinhart burst onto the scene via Netflix’s hit teen drama, Riverdale, fans have speculated that the actress is, in fact, the late Brittany Murphy reincarnated. “Everyone says Brittany Murphy – everyone. They think I’m her reincarnated,” Reinhart said in a 2017 interview with Buzzfeed. “There are a lot of pictures of us side by side where we look crazy–alike. If you just google Lili Reinhart and Brittany Murphy, you’ll see it.” Yep, we see it.


Amber Heard and Scarlett Johansson

These two look so much alike, they could be sisters. The pair share the same high cheekbones, elegant nose and even a similar dress sense.

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Zoe Saldana and Thandie Newton

Saldana embraces the fact that she looks like Newton. “I’ll be walking down the street, and I’ll have people go, ‘Hey Thandie Newton!'” Saldana revealed on an episode of The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson. “It humbles you.”

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Isla Fisher and Amy Adams

Adams says she is constantly mistaken for her celebrity doppelganger Isla Fischer. “I get Isla Fisher all the time, still. And I know Isla, and for a while our kids went to the same dance school. When I’m with her, we both look at one another and say, ‘I get it but I don’t get it.'”


Anne Hathaway and Amal Clooney

These two drew comparisons to each other recently, with Hathaway saying of her doppelganger, “I hope that I become half the woman she is. She’s so accomplished and it’s so thrilling to look at someone and be like, ‘Wow. You really are making the world a better place.'”

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Katy Perry and Zooey Deschanel

Were these two separated at birth? Deschanel definitely thinks so –“ but she doesn’t necessarily like it. “I used to get, ‘I heard you were out at such-and-such club drinking whiskey!’ [when] I was at home watching TV,” Deschanel said. “I think we lead very different lives. At some point I feel like this will stop being a thing. I like the way my life goes. It’s sort of strange to be associated with someone that’s doing such different stuff than me. It’s weird.”


Leighton Meester and Minka Kelly

When Leighton and Minka starred in the film The Roommate together, people on set had trouble telling them apart. “I met her, I was 16, I think, and we travelled to South Africa together,” said Meester of her doppelganger. “We were doing this pair of commercials, and by the end we went out on this little pier and we were like, ‘Can we be friends forever?’ And I didn’t even really think like, ‘Oh, we kind of look like each other,’ and I saw her mom, and she kind of looked like my mom and it was very sort of strange. And then over the years people have been like ‘Minka! Oh, wait.'”


Cindy Crawford and Eva Mendes

The supermodel and the actress could be twins: all Mendes needs is Crawford’s signature mole.

Channing Tatum

The internet loves a good celebrity doppelganger, and this latest one is magic. Magic Mike that is.

Meet 27-year-old Will Parfitt who not only looks like Hollywood hunk Channing Tatum – he’s a removalist by day and a stripper by night, sounds familiar… Parfitt reportedly makes a sweet profit of his uncanny likeness to the Hollywood heartthrob, with Daily Mail reporting that he makes upwards of $3,000 a weekend. Who can blame him really. Parfitt, who was born in London but now calls Australia home, says he fell into that line of work while travelling, and worked his way up from topless waiter to now pulling in the big bucks. “I was travelling, just enjoying the party scene in Australia. I met a club promoter who started calling me ‘Channing’ as a joke. I didn’t really take him seriously – he was the one who introduced me to Magic Men.”

Afshan Azad and Kylie Jenner

If you recognise Afshan Azad it might be because she played Padme Patel in the Harry Potter movies! The Internet has been comparing her looks to Kylie Jenner, and she hasn’t taking kindly to the comparison, tweeting “If one more person compares me to Kylie Jenner 🔪 🔫 💣 ☠ 🗡”

Ariana Grande and Jacky Vasquez

This celebrity doppleganger is scarily similar. We had to look twice to make sure that this wasn’t Grande herself…. or is it?

Turns out Grande’s very own cousin believed the Virginian waitress, Jacky Vasquez, was her. Discussing to the Daily Mail, Vasquez said “I was amazed when she followed me on Instagram… she commented on one of my photos saying that her cousin thought I was her, I couldn’t believe it.”

Vasquez reportedly always gets mistaken for the ponytail-loving pop star.

If you need some more proof – just scroll through her Instagram @jackyvasquez.

Margot Robbie and Eva Autumn

As far as doppelgangers go, this one is scarily similar: British call centre employee Eva Autumn – AKA Harley Twinn – regularly gets stopped on the street thanks to her resemblance to the Australian Suicide Squad star. In case you can’t tell – she’s the one pictured right. 

Kendall Jenner And Meghan Wiggins

Model Meghan Wiggins is causing some serious confusion for her resemblance to Kendall Jenner! If you don’t believe us, just scroll through her Instagram

Leonardo DiCaprio and Konrad Annerud

The universe was feeling generous the day Konrad Annerud was born… The Swedish model-slash-singer could be twins with the one and only Leonardo DiCaprio. (Well, Leo back in the day, anyway.)

Cara Delevingne and Harley Chapman

When photos of Harley crossed our desks earlier this year, we had to do a double take. The 10-year-old is certainly Delevinge’s doppelgänger – and she knows it. “I have been told I look like the spitting image of Cara before. If I can be half as successful in my career, I’ll be really happy,” says Chapman.

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Amanda Seyfried and Gemma Ward

The actress and model share some uncanny similarities: they have the same heart-shaped faces, long blonde hair and sparkling eyes.


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