New Study Reveals The Simple And Easy Way To Curb Depression

Feeling blue?

It turns out, just an hour of exercise a week can help to prevent depression, according to a new landmark study.

Researchers, led by Australia’s Black Dog Institute, monitored the exercise habits and symptoms of both depression and anxiety in over 30,000 Norwegian adults over an 11 year period.

People who did no exercise at all had a 44 per cent increased chance of developing depression, compared to those who exercised one to two times.

And 12 per cent of cases of depression could have been prevented if participants did just an hour’s worth of exercise per week. 

The international study is the first time it’s been proven that even minor lifestyle changes can result in significant mental health benefits, no matter age or gender.

Unfortunately, it’s not so easy for those that suffer from anxiety – the study found no association found between the level and intensity of exercise and the chances of developing, or curbing that disorder.

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