50 Perfect Date Night Ideas No Matter If It’s Your First Date Or Your Fiftieth

It's time to spice things up.
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Whether you’re in a long term relationship and looking to get out of a rut, going on a Tinder date with someone new, or celebrating an anniversary, finding fresh, romantic and fun things to do together as a couple can be tough – hence why the founder of Netflix is now a billionaire. 

But if you’re looking for the perfect date night idea, we’ve rounded up some inspiration for you, from cheap dates (the activity not the person!) to rainy day dates and even dates you can do in your home. So whether you’re the outdoorsy, adventure-type, the food connoisseur-type, the cheesy romantic-type or just the in need of a little guidance type, we’ve got you covered.

50 Date Night Ideas

1. Picnic

It’s a classic but there’s a reason for that. It doesn’t get much better than cosying up in the fresh air with some good food and wine and a nice view.

2. Bushwalk

Become at one with nature – and each other – by getting out and about and exploring somewhere new together.

3. Visit a winery or brewery

Whether you’re into wine or beer or want to get into it, a day spent wine tasting and exploring vineyards is always fun.

4. Camping

If you’re the outdoorsy-type and don’t mind roughing it a little there’s nothing more romantic than sleeping out under the star.

5. Road trip

Get out on the open road and drive somewhere for lunch or better yet, stay overnight.

50 date ideas to spice up your relationship
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6. Outdoor cinema

Take in a movie under the stars.

7. Pottery or art class

Take on a new hobby together and then gift each other what you make.

8. Visit an art gallery

These days most art galleries also offer evening tours or art after-hours events which means you don’t just have to make this a day date.

9. Museum

Whether it’s science or history, find a common interest and get discovering together.

10. Dinner in the dark dinner/secret foodies events

Look in your local area to see what events they have on, and have a dinner out with a twist, whether it’s blindfolded, wearing masks or at a secret venue.

50 date ideas to spice up your relationship
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11. Go to the observatory

Head to your local observatory and get star-gazing – or better yet, DIY it at a local lookout and a book about star-spotting and see how many you can find.

12. Volunteer

Nothing makes you feel better than helping out someone in need, so why not spend the day doing a little good for the less fortunate.

13. Karaoke

Not for everyone but show your date you can have some fun and aren’t afraid to have a laugh at yourself (or that you’re an amazing singer if you actually are…)

14. Recreate your first date

If you’re celebrating an anniversary or you’ve been together for a while, why not go back to where it all began.

15. Make homemade pizzas from scratch

Instead of ordering in, make the pizzas yourselves from scratch, they taste so much better and you can get flirty with the flour while they cook

50 date ideas to spice up your relationship
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16. Go on the rides at a fair or amusement park

Feel like big kids again and go on all the rides and play games to try and win prizes – and of course, eat all the yummy fair food!

17. Get all glammed up and go for cocktails and dinner

It can be easy to just go back to your old reliable spot, but every now and then it’s nice to go all out.

18. Pub crawl

That said a good old-fashioned pub crawl for 2 is also a winner.

19. Rent a vespa/motorbike/convertible and go for a cruise along the coast

With the wind in your hair it’s very 1950s Hollywood romance.

20. Hot air balloon 

It’s cliché but its something everyone should do once!

50 date ideas to spice up your relationship
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21. Get baking 

Stay in and get creative in the kitchen and cook each other’s favourite desserts.

22. Old school games night

Turn off the TV and go old school with board games or card games, strip poker anyone?

23. Classic movie night

Come up with a list of movies you both have never seen and work your way through it.

24. Go to the zoo or aquarium

They’re not just for the kids! Go and look at the animals or sea life – and better yet book in a feeding experience or private tour to make it extra special.

25. Drive to the beach and watch the sunrise

Dates don’t just have to be night time – wake up early and catch the sunrise and then spend the day together (or better yet go back to bed).

50 date ideas to spice up your relationship

26. Hit up a concert

Whether you have shared taste in music, or you discover a new artist together.

27. Try a new restaurant/cuisine

Pick something you’ve always wanted to try or you’ve both never had and try it together.

28. Go ice skating

Get active and do something a little different, better yet if one of you is a little shaky and there’s extra excuses to get touchy-feely. Why not make the whole night winter-themed, think open fire, smores and hot chocolate.

29. Hit the beach 

Sun, surf and sand – it’s the quintessential Aussie date and it never disappoints – bonus points for discovering new/hidden gems.

30. Do something neither of you has done before

Make lasting memories by discovering new experiences and trying things for the first time together.


31. Comedy show

Nothing will tell you whether you’ve got the same sense of humour quicker than going to a comedy show – if you laugh at the same jokes you’re on to a winner!

32. Bowling or Putt-putt golf

Perfect for a little friendly/flirty competition, put a friendly wager on the outcome to make it more exciting – eg loser owes the winner a massage!

33. Go to a park and kick a ball around 

Getting active out in the fresh air and doesn’t cost a cent.

34. Take a boat ride

Get out on the water, whether you hire a boat or just jump on a ferry there is something romantic about being out on the water.

35. Go kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding

Or if you’re more the active types, get on the water in a kayak or paddle board.

50 date ideas to spice up your relationship
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36. Go dancing

When dinner is finished, don’t just head home – hit the d-floor like the good old days.

37. Play pool

Or if dancing isn’t your thing, hit a few rounds of pool together at a pub.

38. Exercise together

Hit the gym or go for a run (or whatever your exercise of choice) and get sweaty together!

39. Go to a bookstore and pick a book for each other to read

Or better yet get the same book and have your own mini book club discussing it as you go.

40. Make cocktails at home

Save some money by mixing up your own concoctions at home.

50 date ideas to spice up your relationship
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41. Tick off that bucket list by going skydiving

Or if you’re not quite brave enough why not try indoor skydiving.

42. Get dressed up and go to the opera

A seriously glamorous night out perfect for a special occasion.

43. Spice thing up in the bedroom

Try some new moves, some new toys or a little role play – just mix things up from the usual routine.

44. Indulge together with a trip to the day spa or a bath house

Relax, unwind and let someone else pamper you both.

45. Go for a bike ride

Hire bikes and ride through the city like tourists or through a local park, bonus points for a tandem bike!

50 date ideas to spice up your relationship
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46. Go to a sports game

If your partner has a favourite team surprise them with tickets, or pick a new sport you can get into together.

47. Indoor trampolining

Feel like big kids by jumping on trampolines and diving into foam pits together.

48. Night markets/food stalls

Check what’s on in your local area, they’re perfect for a casual date with chilled vibes and cheap eats.

49. Long boozy lunch 

A special meal doesn’t always have to be dinner, plan a fancy lunch and take your time.

50. Go skinny dipping

Find a secluded (or nudist!) beach, or a private pool and jump in sans swimmers (just don’t forget where you left them!)

50 date ideas to spice up your relationship
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