Anniversary Ideas: 30 Perfect Dates to Help You Celebrate

Plan a romantic anniversary celebration with the one you love

Whether it’s your first or fifteenth, your anniversary is an important date that comes up just once a year so make the most of it. There’s a number of ways to have a romantic celebration, but be sure to do something that you’ll both enjoy. Here’s a few anniversary date ideas that might make that important day extra special.

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30: Visit galleries and museums

Spend time together enjoying the cultural heritage your city has to offer. Just for a day, pretend you’re a tourist and visit the museums and galleries you never get time to otherwise. It will be an enjoyable shared experience especially if you combine your tour with a romantic anniversary lunch or dinner.

29: Take an art class together

Feeling inspired after that gallery visit? Take a painting or craft class together for an anniversary with a difference. It will be fun to learn a new skill together, be creative and celebrate your love for each other. Who knows, the course you choose might lead to a new shared creative passion.

28: Go on a wine tasting tour

Spend your anniversary in a wine region, stay at a boutique hotel and go on a private cellar door tour complete with your own driver. Finish your anniversary day off with a romantic meal with paired wines of course. 

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27: Date night at the drive-in

There’s not many left but if you can find one visit a drive-in theatre and have a romantic evening under the stars watching a favourite movie. Take along a little picnic hamper and a blanket then snuggle up and enjoy the show. None in your area? Look for seasonal outdoor cinemas.

26: Netflix and chill

If you both work or travel a lot, you might enjoy a quiet anniversary night in binge watching the latest series with a glass of wine and some take away from your favourite restaurant. Cuddle up on the couch and enjoy your time together.

25: A night at the opera

Put on your finest outfit and head out to the opera. Make a day of it and treat yourselves by spending your day shopping for new accessories before checking in to a fancy hotel. Then it’s time to get dolled up and take in some culture.

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24: Fondue party for two
Buy a fondue set and have a private anniversary fondue party. Start with a savoury version and then finish with a chocolate fondue and loads of strawberries. It’s a unique romantic meal that’s fun and simple to prepare.

23: A day at the track
Couples with a love of high-speed action should hit the go-kart track for a day of racing. There’s nothing like an adrenaline rush to get the heart beating, and it’s even better when it’s with the one you love. 

22: Go and rock out together
We get it, you’re busy, but never too busy for music. Get some tickets to a gig and make a night of it, even better if it’s a band you’ve loved for a while. Hearing favourite songs that brought you together is a great way to spend your anniversary. 

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21: Try cruising

Spend your anniversary on board a luxury cruise just relaxing and enjoying being in each other’s company away from the daily grind. There’ll be everything you need on board, you can do as little or as much as you both want.

20: Spa day for two

Get a his and hers spa package for your anniversary and relax whilst you’re both being pampered with treatments and massages. Combine it with a stay in a resort and you have 24 hours of bliss.

19: Try a yoga class together

Here’s a different way to celebrate your special day; a spot of yoga together at your local yoga school. It’ll leave you both feeling refreshed, relaxed and ready for a romantic anniversary dinner at your favourite restaurant.

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18: Power outage party

A fun anniversary game is to pretend there’s a power failure. No electronics, no lights, no smartphones. Just candles, a nice bottle of wine, a digital detox and the company you both enjoy most.

17: Ride a rollercoaster

Spend a day at the theme park going on rides and eating fairy floss. Try some games, win some prizes and scream your heads off on the roller coaster. It will be fun, trust us!

16: Try a new cuisine

Check out restaurant guides for your area and try a cuisine you haven’t had for a long time for your anniversary dinner. When you get out of your comfort zone together and taste something you wouldn’t normally eat, you might just discover a new favourite restaurant.

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15: Go retro

Go to a retro dance club and hit the dance floor. Get sweaty and have anniversary fun dancing to all those daggy tunes, it’s surprising how much fun it can be!

14: Be do-gooders

As an anniversary project, volunteer for a local program like a soup kitchen or clean-up program. When you think about it giving something back to the community together is a really romantic thing to do.

13: Go bowling

Whether it’s a ten-pin bowling alley or your local lawn bowls club, bowling is a great way to spend some time together having some anniversary fun. Remember though, it’s just a game!

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12: Get glamping

Let’s face it camping is much better when there’s a few mod cons like a shower, toilet, electricity and wine. Get back to nature but enjoy some creature comforts at the time whilst you celebrate your big day.

11: Karaoke night

Have a nice anniversary dinner then hit your local karaoke bar for a night of singing along to your favourite hits. Who knows, you might bring the house down with your renditions of romantic duets. 

10: Cook a meal for two by two

Plan and prepare an anniversary feast together. Write out a menu, hit the farmers’ market and spend the afternoon working on a sumptuous meal making for a truly special anniversary evening.

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9: Game night

Break out the board games and have an anniversary game night for two. Get a nice bottle of wine and enjoy each others company over a game of cards, Monopoly or Scrabble.

8: Take a staycation

Be a tourist in your own city, walk the streets, admire the landmarks and see the sights. The best way to tackle your anniversary staycation is to draw up a plan. Schedule an itinerary as if you were out of town on holiday. Being a tourist in your own town helps you see it through a new light.

7: Go chocolate tasting

If you’ve both got a sweet tooth going to a chocolate tasting will be right up your alley and a sweet way to spend your anniversary. Visit a local chocolatier, learn about how chocolate is made and try the different varieties. Yum!

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6: Have some laughs

Hit a local comedy club together and see some stand-up as an anniversary night out. A few laughs always makes for a great time; you might even catch a comedy superstar in the making.

5: Take a road trip

Get out the map and pick a destination and hit the road for some romantic time away. Find a cute bed and breakfast or AirBnB, break out the bubbly and have an anniversary to remember.

4: Picnic in the park

If it’s a sunny day, why not have a romantic anniversary picnic at your local botanic gardens. All you’ll need is a blanket and a yummy spread to eat and drink; mother nature will provide the rest.

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3: Go for a tandem bike ride

Hire a tandem bike and go for a ride along some bike paths. Riding a tandem will take a little getting used to but once you both get the hang of it you’ll be working like a team; a great way to celebrate your anniversary.

2: Get dancing lessons

You always meant to before the wedding so why don’t you do it now as an anniversary treat. Find a dance school, pick your style and learn how to salsa, jive or waltz like the experts.

1: Toast some marshmallows

Build a fire, dim the lights and settle down for quiet evening in. Snuggle up together with a nice bottle of red, some marshmallows to toast an memories to savour. If it’s summer, do the same outdoors on an open fire pit. 

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