Dolly Alderton Just Made A (Very) Rare Comment About Her Love Life

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Dolly Alderton is the name on everyone’s lips right now, as the television adaption of her best-selling memoir Everything I Know About Love has officially started airing on Stan. 

While she’s made a career from writing about her own love life and giving people advice on theirs, after the release of her memoir, Dolly vowed to steer clear of divulging details about her personal life. Why? Because as she told BBC News in 2020 , “my first book was all my good stories. 

I had a particular story to tell. And that was also a thematic story that fit neatly into a memoir, which was a story about growing up.” 

While she may not be writing about her private life, that certainly doesn’t mean she’s not living it. In fact, the author made a very rare comment about her own love life in a recent interview, and unsurprisingly, it’s reignited global interest in her dating history. 


Speaking to the Sydney Morning Herald about the noticeable life changes between her twenties and thirties, Alderton said that she’s she’s reshuffled her priorities. 

“The overwhelming feeling I have at the start of my early 30s compared to my early 20s is that I’ve started prioritising my own comfort,” she told the cn a recent interview. 

“I’m making better decisions. For instance, the guy I am with right now is a bit younger than me and this past weekend was the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. He kept talking about having a four-day rager, but because I knew I couldn’t deal with a week-long hangover, I booked a movie at 6pm on Saturday to avoid going out.”

Yes, it appears she is dating someone right now, although granted, it’s a very low-key comment — the blink and you might miss it type. She didn’t reveal anything else, but it seems that she’s happy and content with whoever the younger, mystery man is. 


Who has Dolly Alderton dated? 

Honestly, we have no idea. Alderton has an incredible knack for being incredibly candid and revealing, without actually revealing anything at all. The devil is in the details, and she’d rather tell you about how someone made her feel rather than who they were. 

In an interview with The Belfast Telegraph in 2020, Alderton revealed that she hasn’t had a long-term relationship since her early twenties. At the time, she said she was definitely open to love, but it wasn’t an all-consuming feeling. The author is keen to have a long-term relationship and start a family, but she’s also focusing on her career as well. 

As for how she feels about the ticking of the biological clock, she definitely knows it’s there. 

“It’s not something most women need to be reminded of. The world has been built very strategically to make sure women don’t forget that fact,” she said. 

“Of course it’s a background noise that is ever present and the volume increases and decreases. But it’s not something that preoccupies me in any all-encompassing way.”

For now, it seems she’s keeping the identity of her current boyfriend a secret, and given how much she’s already shared with the world, she’s absolutely entitled to some privacy.

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