There’s A Downton Abbey Movie In The Works

And it could be as soon as this year!

If you’re still mourning the loss of Downton Abbey then you might just be in for some good news, with talks of a movie in the works.

The beloved period drama, which wrapped in 2016 after six seasons, is in talks to be turned into a film – and it could be as soon as this year. 

“It’s supposed to be happening – filming – this year, but it hasn’t been locked down yet,” Jeremy Swift, who played butler Septimus Spratt, told ITV’s Lorraine. 

“There is a film script which we’ve all been sent but it disappeared in a Mission Impossible-style from our emails. With a little puff.”

While we’re yet to find out if all the key cast members are on board, Carnival Films, the company which produced the drama, have confirmed there is a script in development.

“There are still no firm plans about when a film might go into production,” the company says in a statement to the BBC.

“When the future plans are certain we will of course make an announcement at the relevant time.”

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