Elle Macpherson’s Diet, Exercise & Beauty Routine

All of the supermodel's personal tips for wellness

While many of us occasionally neglect inner wellness in our quests for external beauty, Elle Macpherson is living proof that exercise, dieting and a longstanding dedication to health can work wonders for your visage.

On January 22, 2019, Macpherson stepped out in her home city of Miami, and wowed us with her incredible appearance.


Those familiar with Macpherson will know that the supermodel and mother-of-two favours yoga, meditation and daily cardio workouts to stay in peak physical condition. However, her wellness process is about much more than what she does in the gym, and translates to her diet and skincare routines, too.

Macpherson spoke to Harper’s Bazaar Australia about her everyday wellness mainstays, and how she stays healthy and radiant while balancing motherhood and a hectic workload.

Elle Macpherson On Her Diet, Fitness & Beauty Routine

“I wake at 5.00am and lie in bed for about 10 minutes before getting ready for my morning routine. It sets me up for the day and is non-negotiable. I know it makes me feel great so I stick to it. I set my intentions for the day and try to understand how I am feeling in my body and mind. I put my hands on my chest and feel my breathing and think about what I want to accomplish today. Sometimes it might be a tangible thing like running through my to-do list, or something self-nurturing like meditation.

Once I’m up, I sip on hot water and lemon to kick-start my metabolism. Then I mediate for about 20-30 minutes. It helps keep me balanced and feel strong and confident.

elle macpherson

At 6.00am, I wake my son up, take a quick peek at social media on my work accounts, and take my daily dose of Super Elixir in filtered water. I love starting my day this way. It has helped me feel nourished from the inside out—my energy levels, sleep patterns and my skin all benefit.

At 6.30am, I’ll either do some yoga or I’ll jump on my bike and ride to the beach for a swim. If I’m on the road, I’ll bring my running shoes and go for a jog or walk—I love to explore any new surroundings and getting outside.

Then, at around 7.00am, I shower, do my makeup, which I keep very natural, and get dressed for the day. I exfoliate my body with WelleCo Japanese Salt paste scrub in the shower every day, moisturise with coconut oil and protect myself from the sun with Invisible Zinc. I am a firm believer that beauty starts from within, but I have learned the importance of sunscreen!

When I’m getting dressed, I like to make sure I’ll be really comfortable, so I wear a lot of separates. I love Nobody jeans, cashmere by Banjo and Matilda and pieces by The Row and Isabel Marant—she does French girl chic very well. I still love Azzedine Alaïa—he’s my go-to designer.


I usually eat breakfast at 8.00am with Cy (her youngest son). It’s always different, depending on what my body is craving. Sometimes it’s a Nourishing Protein smoothie, made with hemp milk, half a banana, and one scoop of WelleCo Nourishing Protein in chocolate. If I want something hot, I’ll have one poached egg on sunflower or wheat-free dark rye bread, oatmeal with agave, or a chia tea pudding soaked in almond milk. My ultimate treats are dark chocolate, espresso and whipped cream—preferably together!

After dropping Cy at school, I sit at my computer at about 10.00am and work through the night’s emails. Like most working mothers, I take care of some of my business calls (hands-free) while I’m in the car. I’m a skilled and experienced multi-tasker!

By 10.30am, I am talking to my business partner, Andrea, in Australia, making lists and ticking them off. I make myself a Nourishing Protein chocolate smoothie with homemade almond milk and a frozen banana. It gives my energy levels a boost and keeps me going until lunch.

Now in my 50s, I don’t over-work in the gym. I now listen to what my body needs. I do an hour of exercise I really enjoy every day. It might be paddle boarding, hiking or even waterskiing. At the moment, I’m really into boxing or taking spin classes with girlfriends.

When I’m working in New York City, I love to run around the reservoir. Sometimes I listen to music (Drake is my current favourite), or I concentrate on my breathing with purpose.”

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