Elsa Pataky On “Making Small Changes” To Live A Healthier Life

As the actress releases new project, STRONG

If there’s one thing Elsa Pataky knows, it’s that making small changes in our everyday lives can make all the difference to living a healthy and well-balanced life. The Spanish actress, model, film producer, and now author, has released her newest project: Strong, How to Eat, Move and Live With Strength and Vitality.

For years, Pataky has been asked time and time again what her secrets to good health, energy and of course, *that* incredibly toned and strong physique are. Strong is the answer to those lifelong questions, with Pataky revealing her approach to building strength – of both body and mind. 

“I just wanted to, not inspire, but have people take that the first step of having a healthier life,” Pataky told marie claire at the opening of Louis Vuitton’s new George Street Maison. “Just trying to start doing little things. Even if it’s 15 minutes a day or whatever time you get. 

“Even the effort, when you go to work, get off your bus just three stops before to walk. Doing those little things that make you feel better – and when you get addicted to that feeling, it’s just feeling healthier. I think it’s like a chain, one thing goes after another and you just get addicted to it.” 

elsa pataky

Even Pataky admits that she doesn’t know everything when it comes to health, and her favourite part of creating Strong was being able to learn herself along the way. 

“You have this opportunity to meet so many interesting people that have all this information,” she says of the new book, which was released this week. “And you just sometimes want to share that and people that can get to that information, to be easy for them to know a little bit more. Even about the way of eating the carbs, what is good, what is not, what exercise is my favourite or the people are recommending right now.”

Pataky now calls Byron Bay home, alongside her husband and three children. You may have heard of him? Australian actor Chris Hemsworth. It’s here that Pataky gets to forget the madness of her entertainment life, and reconnect with what makes her happy. 

“I always say, that it’s just you with yourself, doing something that you are passionate about. And if it’s outside and at the same time, it’s doing some exercises, great. I love either of them, like horse riding is one of my favourite things, it’s like a meditation for me. Or just having a little moment of yoga or meditation. I think it’s just good, just a moment for yourself.” 

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