Emma Corrin Will Play Socialite-Turned-Con-Artist Anna Delvey In A New Play

An exciting sentence we never thought we'd be reading

Emma Corrin fans are truly enjoying a golden era. The British actress has recently secured numerous nominations and wins for her work as Princess Diana in the royals series The Crown, will be starring in an upcoming film with none other than Harry Styles, is in negotiations for Lady Chatterley’s Lover and now, she’s taking to the stage. And the next role she tackles is going to be a spicy one: Corrin is set to embody the infamous New York socialist-turned-con-artist Anna Delvey (real name Anna Sorokin). 

The news broke when entertainment writer Baz Bamigboye shared an update via social media, which was then seemingly confirmed by London Theatre Direct. Per the update, Corrin is set to appear on London’s famed West End in Anna X at the Harold Pinter Theatre.

Anna X was written by Joseph Charlton and directed by Daniel Raggett. Between the respective talent of Corrin and Raggett, who is currently helming a new Broadway production of West Side Story, this is one play we’re hoping to see translated to screen.

What is the Anna X play about?

Anna X follows a couple called Anna and Ariel. Their respective bios paint them as ciphers of Westen urbanite life. Meet Anna: “25. Curator. Retired intern. Previously @RAW magazine. I ♥ art, fashion, NYC,” and Ariel: “32. CEO of @GenesisApp. A social and dating network by invitation only. SF-NYC-LDN.”

Lucky Corrin fans and Delvey-obsessives in the West End audience will be “immersed in an addictive world of private views, front-row fashion shows, and endless parties,” as the pair spiral trying to climb up the social ladder.

This isn’t the first medium that’s decided to tackle the Anna Delvey story. If you’re quite fascinated with this whole sordid, sorry tale keep your eyes peeled for Netflix’s forthcoming TV miniseries Inventing Anna.

As we wait for Corrin and Julia Garners‘ interpretation of the former socialite, there’s also always Delvey’s own Instagram. We hear she’s launching a vlogging channel soon.

Lead image via Jacopo Raule/Getty Images.

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