‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Star Alex McKay Says He Regrets Giving Keira Maguire His Rose

And his tattoo might suggest he's not over Angie?

Bachelor in Paradise’s Alex McKay stunned viewers when he chose to give his rose to resident ‘villain’ Keira Maguire.

In Alex’s defense, he wasn’t privy to the harsh things that Keira was saying during her to-camera interviews. 

But after it was revealed that no new contestants would be joining the show, Keira, who remarked that she could “stop pretending”, made the decision to leave paradise knowing that it also meant Alex would be forced to go home. 

Despite the rather cold conversation, Alex actually took Keira’s decision in stride and gracefully thanked her for her friendship during the show.

However, now that the show has aired, Alex may be feeling differently.

The 27-year-old told The Courier Mail that he now wishes he had picked Keely Spedding.

“Hearing how Keira spoke about me I probably would have sent her home. I probably would have given it to Keely,” he admitted. 

He also commented that the contestants should not blame editing for their poor behaviour, “You see people’s true colours in that room when no one is around. It shows who the really nice people are when they are talking behind your back”.

“The people that complain about editing, you say and do the things you do. It’s hard to make you out as someone you’re not,” he added.

Viewers heard Keira speak down to Alex multiple times, even claiming that nothing could happen between them because he was too short for her and discussing the size of his, er, manhood, with everyone. 

Even with Keira’s abhorrent treatment of Keely and reference to other contestants as ‘peasants’ (who is still doing this in 2020?), viewers were still a little shocked to watch her ultimately not really care about Alex in the end.

“Did I ruin Alex’s experience? He gone. Bye, Felicia,” she laughed. 

keira maguire alex mckay

But Alex may still hold a candle for Angie Kent, whose season of the Bachelorette Alex came fifth on.

In a video posted to the Bachelor In Paradise instagram, he talks through all his tattoos and identifies one figure on his forearm as Angie Kent. The artwork depicts a woman with a rose and, as Alex explains, “it’s a picture of Angie holding a rose, and yeah, her hand is bleeding, because I didn’t get the final rose.”

There isn’t much of a resemblance with Angie, if you ask us, so let’s hope (for his sake) that he’s just joking.  

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