‘The Bachelor’s’ Bella Claps Back At Locky And Irena For Seemingly Taking A Swipe At Her Influencer Career

The runner-up had some things to say

The Bachelor Australia runner-up Bella Varelis may not have won Locky Gilbert’s final rose, but she did gain a whole legion of new Instagram followers, and she’s not here for anyone who has a problem with that—especially Locky.

The 25-year-old Bondi-based contestant, who was already a digital marketer and Instagram influencer prior to appearing on the show, has clapped back at comments by Locky and winner Irena in which they seemingly took a swipe at her career.

In a video uploaded to Instagram, Locky and Irena said that Bondi, where many reality stars and influencers live, was not their scene.

“We have to have some secrets,” he responded to a Daily Mail journalist in the comments section.

“We’re not too keen on the whole Bondi vibe. Give us the mountains any day,” he added, alongside a crying-with-laughter emoji. 

The comment also came days after Irena appeared to take a dig at her former co-stars. When asked what she thought about Bella and third-place contestant Bec Cvilikas getting their ‘blue tick’ verification on Instagram, saying that she’s “not about being an influencer, just about being real” and that she “doesn’t care about it”, per Daily Mail.

Bella, who resides in the popular Sydney suburb with Bec, later responded to Locky and Irena’s remarks in an interview with The Wash.

‘I’m unsure why they’re making references towards me and how I’m living my life. I have better things to do than make subtle digs towards an ex. I’ve moved on and so should they,” she said.

Despite Locky’s apparent disinterest in “the whole Bondi vibe”, the 2020 Bachelor has had a number of endorsements deals since the show ended, ranging from a motorcycle brand to clothing and a chain of hotels, among others.

Since leaving the show, Bella, who produces freelance content for brands, has signed with one of Australia’s leading influencer agencies, Max Connectors.

Over the moon to finally announce that I’m officially a part of the incredible @maxconnectors family! So excited to see what the future holds and stoked to be represented by this beautiful team ✨,” she wrote in an Instagram post.

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