Your Favourite ‘Bachelor’ Stars: Where Are They Now?

What became of our lovelorn heroines?

Since the Australian incarnation of The Bachelor franchise hit our screens, we’ve followed innumerable lovelorn heroes and heroines in their quest to find that ever-elusive connection and have admittedly become just as invested in the romance as the contestant themselvesAlong the way, we’ve met players, hopeless romantics, and everything in between, but where are they now? We take a look back at some our of favourite stars from The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor In Paradise to see what became of them after the final curtain closed on their journey for love. 

Ali Oetjen


Ali Oetjen was devastated when Tim Robards chose Anna Heinrich in the finale of the first season of The Bachelor. So devastated, in fact, it left many of us wondering, ‘Will she ever recover?’. We all thought we could breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Ali had found love again when she happily shared news of her engagement to her partner at the time, Dave Waldeck. Not long after announcing her split from Waldeck, Ali joined the cast of the Bachelor Of Paradise where she thought she had found love with fellow contestant Grant Kemp. Yet after two stints on The Bachelor and Bachelor In Paradise, the former reality television star signed on as Australia’s Bachelorette. There she met Taite Radley, and after two years of dating the couple called it quits. 

Amber Gelinas

Who could forget Canadian drama-queen, Amber? Portrayed as the ‘crazy’ one in the house, Amber was the most outspoken contestant of Season 2, and she frequently butted-heads with the other women due to her temper-tantrums and histrionics. Amber was eliminated halfway through the season without ever having been invited on a single date with Blake. Ouch. Nevertheless, Amber seems to have truly embraced the Melbourne glitterati scene since finishing up on The Bachelor.

Lana Jeavons-Fellows

Lana Jeanvons-Fellows almost caused the upset-of-the-century when she swept in halfway through Season 3, and challenged Snezana Markoski for the final rose. Lana admitted that she was blind-sided by her unexpected loss as she anticipated she would be the girl to win Sam Wood’s heart. Yet, Lana hasn’t allowed herself to wallow in heartbreak for too long. The brunette beauty turned her sadness into success, becoming a permanent fixture on Sydney’s social scene. She has also been in a relationship with her hunky personal trainer beau, Jake Meah, and the couple are still together. 

Laurina Fleure

Laurina Fleure was the reality TV star we didn’t deserve. She single-handedly made the second season the most entertaining addition to the show’s history, and her episodes will go down in Bachelor history. The #dirtystreetpie debacle was an instant classic, as was the sky-diving date she went on (and hated). Yet was there ever any doubt that Laurina would go on to bigger and better things after being dumped by love-rat, Blake Garvey? To answer your question: no. We were elated to hear that Laurina would grace our screens once more as a contestant on Bachelor In Paradise, however, her time on the show was cut short as she abruptly chose to leave the island due to personal reasons. While she may have had no luck on the show, the 34-year-old is back on the dating scene after revealing to Kyle and Jackie O back in April that she has finally found the ‘perfect man’. 

Louise Pillidge


Louise was a bright-eyed romantic when she signed up for the second season of The Bachelor. She came second-runner-up, ultimately losing out to Sam Frost for Blake Garvey’s heart. Or did she? We all know the tragic story of Louise Pillidge by now, but let’s recap anyway. After proposing to Sam Frost on national TV, Blake then pulled the rug out from under Australia by announcing that in fact, not long after filming on the show had ceased, he’d ruthlessly dumped Sam to get together with Louise. In the surrounding national maelstrom, Louise and Blake’s relationship limped along, but they eventually announced their split 12 months later with a commemorative and appropriately solemn photo-shoot. That fluttering noise you probably heard when the news broke was the sound of women nationwide rolling their eyes. It appears as though Louise’s life is looking up as she has moved back to Queensland and is keeping a low profile. 

Tara Pavlovic 

From the moment we first met Tara Pavlovic, she instantly captured the hearts of Bachie fans all over the nation with her infectious and fun-loving nature (Seriously, how could you not love her?) While she was unsuccessful at claiming Matty J’s heart, she did go on to capture the heart of Samuel Cochrane (a former Bachelorette contestant) on BIP where the pair were besotted with each other and even got engaged on the highly- anticipated finaleYet their island romance was short-lived as the couple split weeks after the finale had aired. Following her split from fiancé Sam Cochrane, Tara appears to be living her best life and has even found ‘found someone better’ and is now engaged to Nick Shepherdson. 

Elise Stacy 

Elise was the dark horse no one saw coming yet her connection with Matty simply wasn’t enough, leaving the runner-up feeling betrayed and heartbroken when the final rose was given to Laura Byrne. Now that the dust has settled, the Hockeyroos star has moved on and has found love with Justin Cosmina, who is the son of Adelaide United coach John Kosmina

Nikki Gogan 

Nikki Gogan was a fan favourite on the fourth season of The Bachelor. Remember her? The down-to-earth, bubbly real estate agent that had her heart crushed when Richie brutally rejected her for Alex Nation during the 2016 finale. Well, it’s been years and Nikki is heartbroken no more. The former runner-up revealed on Instagram that she is happily in a new relationship with Bill Coe and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her. 

Keira Maguire 


Keira was portrayed as the Bachie ‘villain’ on Richie’s season of the series. From the get-go she the topic of constant chatter due to her fiercely competitive and unapologetic nature. After a brief stint on I’m a Celebrity..Get Me Outta Here, Keira went to paradise where she fell madly in love with Jarrod Woodgate (and his pot plant). The couple steadily became one of our favourite duos yet shocked fans everywhere when they announced the recent breakdown of their relationship. Keira once again appeared on Bachelor In Paradise, had a brief stint with Alex McKay, and is now dating Love Island Australia star Matthew Zukowski.

Elora Murger 

Appearing on Matty J’s season of The Bachelor, Elora (from Tahiti) entered the mansion as its “exotic” intruder, and while things didn’t work out there she later appeared on Bachelor In Paradise, striking up a relationship with magician Apollo Jackson. Things again didn’t work out, but Elora has since opened up The Rusty Batch Café in Queensland’s Mooloolaba and is engaged to partner Azriel. 

Cassandra Wood

Poor Cass was branded as the series ‘Stage-Five Clinger’ while appeared on Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins’ season of Bachelor. But it’s not all bad, because after a stint on sister series Bachelor In Paradise (and a short-lived romance with former Bachie Richie Strahan), Cass has been in a relationship with rugby player Tyson Davis – and if their Instagram posts are anything to go by, they look insanely happy. 

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