Meet The Farmers Looking For Love On ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ 2025

Now's the time to apply.
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Now that this year’s season of Farmer Wants A Wife has wrapped up with another group of loved up couples, it’s time to look ahead to the new 2025 season of Farmer Wants A Wife.

The good news is that we already know which farmers are looking for love in 2025—which also means that if you happen to be single yourself (and like the look of one of the farmers), now is the time to apply.

Below, meet the eight new farmers looking for a wife on the next season of Farmer Wants A Wife.

Meet The Farmers Searching For Love On ‘Farmer Wants A Wife’ 2025

Farmer Corey

Farmer Wants A Wife 2025 cast, Farmer Corey.
(Credit: Channel 7)

Hailing from Biloela in Queensland, Farmer Corey is a 24-year-old fourth generation beans, hay and cotton farmer.

Describing himself as a fun-loving but also hardworking and driven person, Corey is looking for a kind, genuine and down-to-earth girl who is willing to take an interest in what happens on the farm.

He’s also keen on starting his family’s 5th generation of farmers.

Farmer Jack

Farmer Wants A Wife Cast 2025, Farmer Jack.
(Credit: Channel 7)

Famer Jack is a 26-year-old cattle farmer from Oberon in New South Wales.

With a diverse set of interests, Jack is not only the president of the Oberon Rodeo Association but also a member of the local camp draft association and spent four years in the army.

This farmer is looking for someone who is loyal, up for a laugh and who will stick by him through thick and thin. 

Farmer Jack L

Farmer Wants A Wife cast 2025, Farmer Jack L.
(Credit: Channel 7 )

Farmer Jack L is a 26-year-old dairy farmer from Railton in Tasmania.

Describing himself as reliable, hard-working and straight-forward, Jack L is looking for a girl-next-door who enjoys the simple things in life.

The most important part of a relationship for Jack L is quality time.

Farmer Jarrad

Farmer Wants A Wife Cast 2025, Farmer Jarred
(Credit: Channel 7)

Farmer Jarred is a 21-year-old sheep farmer from Stanthorpe in Queensland.

With a big interest in country music, Jarred sings and makes his own music.

He’s looking for a partner who shares the same goofy, light-hearted qualities as him but wouldn’t mind if she’s also ready to pull him in line when he needs it.

Farmer Thomas

Farmer Wants A Wife Cast 2025, Farmer Thomas.

Farmer Thomas is a 35-year-old wheat, barley and lentil farmer from Kimba in South Australia.

Thomas is not only a farmer but also volunteers for the community as a local fire fighter.

He’s looking for someone who as kind, caring and honest, and who also has her own passions in life.

Farmer Chooka

Farmer Wants A Wife 2025 cast, Farmer Chooka.
(Credit: Channel 7)

Farmer Chooka is a 25-year-old cattle, sheep and crop farmer from Victoria.

He describes himself as a funny and mischievous larrikin who is looking for someone who is caring and family-oriented with a good sense of humour.

Farmer Reidy

Farmer Wants A Wife Cast 2024, Farmer Reidy.
(Credit: Channel 7)

Farmer Reidy is a 29-year-old banana and avocado farmer from Mareeba in Queensland.

Reidy, who’s first name is Jack, is an outgoing, energetic and hardworking person who has travelled widely.

He’s looking for kind and caring, who also has the strength to deal with the things life throws at you.

Reidy’s hoping for not only a life partner but someone who might like to be involved in the business as well.

Farmer Tom M

Farmer Wants A Wife 2025, Farmer Tom M
(Credit: Channel 7 )

Farmer Tom is a 31-year-old sheep farmer from Borambolo in New South Wales.

Tom loves being outside, working with animals, learning new things and is looking for someone who is compassionate towards animals and looks on the positive side of life.

How To Apply For Farmer Wants A Wife 2025?

If you like the look of one of these eight farmers, you can apply for Farmer Wants A Wife here.

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