The Internet Reacts To The ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7 Premiere

SPOILERS (and hilarious tweets) ahead!

This article contains spoilers of the premiere of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7.

YOU GUYS!!! The first episode of ‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 7, Dragonstone, just aired and things got interesting real quick.

First up, Arya slaughtered the entire Frey family to avenge the Red Wedding. She did so by disguising herself as Lord Walder Frey after having slit his throat, using her skills acquired in the House of Black and White. She slapped on his face as a mask, called all the Frey males into one room and poisoned them all in a show-stopping scene.

Not only did Arya kill a tonne of her enemies in one iconic scene, she also shut things down with two epic catch phrases.

“Leave one wolf alive and the sheep are not safe,” she said, while still in disguise. Then, after the deed was done she told a young bystander: “Tell them The North remembers, tell them ‘Winter came for the House of Frey.'”

Naturally, this intense opening scene got some hardcore attention from fans on Twitter.


Next up, there was some unsettling tension between Sansa Stark and Jon Snow. Sansa called out her older brother for ignoring her help, much like King Joffrey.

This was particularly concerning for fans who, at the end of last season, saw Littlefinger attempt to egg Sansa to overthrow Jon as King of the North. 


Then, things got super awkward as Jamie and Cersei Lannister attempted to discuss their son Tommen’s death… and actually referred to him as their son.

Things got equally (if not more) awkward when Cersei then invited Euron Greyjoy to King’s Landing and he immediately began hitting on her/taking digs at Jamie by saying he had “two good hands.” Such a burn, if we’re being real.

Meanwhile, the most graphic scene possibly in the history of ‘GoT’ unfolded at the Citadel, where poor Sam was seen cleaning up poop in a disturbingly long montage.

Then there was the most ~controversial~ scene of them all: the one featuring Ed Sheeran. Fans knew the singer would make a brief cameo as a Lannister soldier this season, and that the scene would be with Arya (the whole thing was organised as a gift to Maisie, who is a big Ed Sheeran fan).

Fans reactions to the semi-random encounter were swift, and hilarious.


Finally, the most important scene was, of course, was when Daenerys finally made it to Westeros.


If we’re placing bets, our money is on Arya Stark to rule this season. Only six more episodes to go this season!

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