‘Fake Heiress’ Anna Delvey Pens A Message To Her ‘Fans’ From Prison

The fraudster who conned New York

Anna Sorokin, better known to most as Anna Delvey, who first caught the attention of the world (and the police) when it was revealed she was a fraudster who had swindled banks and business out of hundreds of thousands of dollars, has now reached out to the public from prison.

In a bizarre twist, Sorokin, who is able to use Instagram, posted to her 70K+ followers, a message asking them not to visit her in prison unannounced. 

Writing that she was “kind of busy” and was “not in dire need of company”, the 29-year-old urged strange visitors to stop showing up to Albion Correctional Facility, where she is currently serving a sentence of four-12 years.

“If I want to talk to you, be assured that I will find a way to get back to you,” she concluded.

Anna Delvey message
Anna Delvey message
Anna Delvey message

Earlier this year, it was reported that she may be released as early as February next year. Her lawyer, Todd Spodek, told the New York Post: “Anna has paid her debt to society handsomely, and I hope society repays the favour.”

The fake heiress, who was originally from Moscow, Russia, moved to New York City in 2013, where she began telling people that she was a German heiress. 

She managed to con the New York ‘it’ crowd, partying with socialites and celebrities, and sustained the illusion of wealth and a lavish lifestyle through substantial bank loans, of which she allegedly leveraged her fake fortune to receive.

In May, 2019 she was convicted of grand larceny, second-degree larceny and theft of services.

A Netflix adaption of her life, entitled Inventing Anna, is currently being produced by Shonda Rhimes.

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