The Royals Are Obsessed With These Four House Plants And It’s Not Hard To See Why

Calling all plant mums.

The British royal family are undoubtedly a collection of trendsetters. Aside from their obvious influence in the fashion sphere, it seems they might have branched out into another area – house plants. Yes, even the royals have a low-key plant obsession (and who can blame them)? 

If you’re wondering which plants in particular they have a penchant for, a recent analysis from UK-based energy comparison site SaveOnEnergy has conducted a full-scale deep-dive.

meghan markle fiddle leaf fig

The company carefully examined plants which featured in the background of posts and video calls from three royal Instagram accounts. The Royal Family, Sussex Royal and Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. From here, they managed to gather data on just about every royal from the Queen and Prince William to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

These four plants are not only royal-approved, but they’re chic to boot. If you’ve been looking to add some new greenery to your plant lineup, look no further than these. 

Rubber Plant 

This little beauty was spotted on the Sussex Royal account and is known for its waxy-looking, flat leaves. If you need a hardy but easy-going plant that can grow quite quickly, this is the one for you. Its glossy leaves make it a standout addition to any corner of the room and it even contains air purifying powers due to its high transpiration rate.

Parlor Palm

This is one of those house plants that is incredibly easy to keep and doesn’t require too much work (in other words, bliss). Growing a parlor palm is relatively easy given they thrive in low light and needs minimal watering. It actually flourishes in cramped spaces, so apartment dwellers will absolutely love this one. The parlor palm was featured on both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Sussex Royal accounts and video calls.

Fiddle Leaf Fig

Ah, the iconic fiddle leaf. No house plant round-up would be complete without it and the plant has even been dubbed a favourite of Meghan Markle’s. Featuring in several video calls from her home in Santa Barbara, it’s as impressive as it is aesthetic. The fiddle leaf can reach heights of up to 6 feet and its huge green leaves make it look bigger still. They’re not the easiest to look after, requiring a warm, humid environment, frequent watering and plenty of light. If you can get the care down pat though, they’re really something special.

Dragon Plant

This green guy was seen in the background of a video call from the Royal Family, with its long stems and lush leaves making it a standout feature. This particular plant is a slow grower, which is great if you’re looking for something that won’t take over your entire living room. It’s extremely easy to care for, craving indirect light and once weekly waterings. Overall, it’s certainly an elegant choice.

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