Georgia Love Might Invite This Former ‘The Bachelorette’ Contestant To Her Wedding

"He’s fun to have around — he’s an endless supply of amusement for us."

The Bachelorette stars Georgia Love and Lee Elliott are yet to announce their engagement, but there’s already talk of who will get an invite to their wedding.

Speaking to NW, Georgia explained she did not think it would be unusual if former contestant, firefighter Cameron, got an invite to their wedding.

“If you go and ask everybody if they are friends with someone that they went on a date with once or kissed and decided there was nothing there, so many actually stay friends,” she said.

Lee added” “Cam and I were definitely the closest in the house — he’s an old soul and I’m probably a young soul,” Lee explained.

He continued: “We just can’t shake him. He’s fun to have around — he’s an endless supply of amusement for us.” 

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Lee also revealed to the publication that he had “already started saving for the ring”.

Georgia and Lee met on the 2016 season of The Bachelorette and have been loved-up ever since. Let’s hope Matty J is just as lucky in love this season.

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