This Is The Controversial New Wedding Trend Of 2017

What bride would do this?

That crashing sound you just heard? It’s thousands of brides-to-be collapsing at the thought of what Etsy has just deemed the latest new wedding trend.

The online marketplace has released a report into 2017 wedding trends, and among the usual suspects – think naked cakes and all lace everything – was one very surprising addition: gifting lounges.

A (very major) step up from traditional bonbonniere (aka wedding favours – the small gifts guests usually find at their place setting), gifting lounges allow guests to “grab a personalised tote or other container and help themselves to a curated spread of memorable goodies,” according to Etsy.

The idea is that guests will be escorted into the gifting lounge upon arrival at your wedding, with personalised cookies, candles and flowers among Etsy’s suggestions for gifting lounge fare.

Of course, celebrities are used to this kind of treatment – the Oscars and the Grammys have long had gifting lounges – but wedding guests? Shopping at your wedding? On your credit card?

Sounds like a sure-fire way to boost pre-wedding stress (not to mention the budget!) to us.

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