The 11 Most ‘Girls’ Moments From ‘Girls’

“I could be the voice of my generation."

Warning: spoilers ahead.

Last night marked the end of an era, not just for Lena Dunham and the entire cast of HBO’s Girls, but for the millions of twenty and thirty-something women who spent the past five years laughing at, learning from, and sometimes (read: often) being entirely disgusted by Hannah, Shoshanna, Jessa and Marnie.

The final episode Girls left many disappointed. Firstly, it didn’t even include Jessa and Shosh (or Elijah, for that matter). Secondly, Hannah basically just came to terms with motherhood, not in New York, but living in a as-if-she-could-ever-afford-or-maintain-that house and giving up on becoming the voice (or even a voice) of her generation.

But, whether you were expecting more from the finale or not, it’s safe to say that Girls did what Lena Dunham set out to do. It made us uncomfortable, it was confronting, it was truthful, and it was funny as hell.

To celebrate the end of the series (and while we sit back and hope for an Elijah spin-off or movie deal to surface), here, the most Girls moments from the past six seasons.

Season 1, ‘Pilot’: In which Hannah gets high and utters the famous line, “I could be the voice of my generation – or, at least, a voice of a generation”

Season 3, ‘One More Night’: Adam being literally any guy stuck in a car with two best friends

Season 3, ‘Beach House’: When they had a huge, drunk fight but deep down still loved each other

Season 5, ‘The Panic in Central Park’: When Charlie and Marnie reunite 

Season 1, ‘Welcome to Bushwick a.k.a. The Crackcident’: When Shosh accidentally smokes crack and loses the plot (even more than usual)

Season 2, ‘On All Fours’: When Marnie sing ‘Stronger’ and makes the entire world cringe

Season 1, ‘Vagina Panic’: When Jessa royally shuts down Shoshanna’s self-help book

Season 1, ‘All Adventurous Women Do’: When Hannah dances to ‘Dancing On My Own’ and Marnie joins

Season 2, ‘Bad Friend’: When Hannah and Elijah have that night out

Season 6, ‘What Will We Do This Time About Adam?’: When Hannah and Adam heartbreakingly realise it’s over, for good

Season 4, ‘Triggering’: When Hannah and Elijah dance to ‘Get Low’ at a frat party

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