Everything That We Know About HBO’s ‘Hacks’ Season Two (So Far)

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Warning: This article contains spoilers for HBO’s Hacks.

With Mare Of Easttown officially over, it only makes sense that avid drama-lovers are waiting with bated breath for their next must-watch. And despite Jean Smart’s on-screen stint coming to a close, her latest offering has seen her achieve worldwide acclaim.

Enter: Hacks.

Created by Broad City’s Paul W. Downs, the 10-episode series follows two women in the comedy industry, who are polar opposites but are forced to work together.

One of those women, Deborah Vance, is a famous stand-up comedian whose Las Vegas residency has landed her icon status and whose persona is eerily reminiscent of the late Joan Rivers. However, she must learn to work alongside Ava, a 25-year-old comedy writer who’s become the victim of ‘cancel culture’, that’s working on bringing a new take to Deborah’s material. Of course, the pair clash constantly, and as a result, the plot to an incredible addictive TV series is born.

While the dynamic duo have only recently debuted on our screens, fans are already desperate to know if they can expect another season of Hacks—and after that ending, who’d blame them? But fret not, we’ve done the deep dive to uncover when one can expect the pair back on our screens.

Below, we’ve rounded up everything we know about season two of HBO’s Hacks—from the possible plot to the potential cast and all things in between.

What Is The Plot Of Hacks Season 2?

After it’s immense onscreen success, fans of Hacks won’t soon forget the shock cliffhanger from the end of season one. In the first seasons’ final moments, viewers saw Ava and Deborah embark on a new journey—taking Deborah’s new comedy act on the road, despite her audience blatantly disapproving of its contents.

But as for what the future holds for the dynamic duo, Hacks’ writer and producer Paul W. Downs revealed that their time in Las Vegas will most likely come to an end, as per an interview with E! News.

“There is the potential of them going on the road which we are going to see Ava and Deborah out in other places,” Downs explained. He even added switching locations for a second season will take the pair “out of their comfort zone”, leading to more entertainment for the show’s viewers.

But of course, their sojourn sans Las Vegas won’t be permanent, according to Downs.

“Vegas is Deborah’s home base. It is where she feels safest; it is this like lawless desert oasis where she’s built her fortress up around her, so we’re going to definitely see that. Again, we’re not going to fully abandon the Vegas backdrop, it’s a big part of the show.”

As for the tattered relationship between Deborah and her sister, he also confirms that the audience will learn more about the betrayal that drove a wedge between the two. Fans of the show will remember that Deborah’s sister allegedly “stole” her husband, which ultimately led to the separation between them.

“That’s a big part of her journey is that sort of fractured relationship, because you see only a moment of it and, as you know, she almost hits her with a car. You only get a tiny glimpse and it doesn’t really go so well.”

As for the general premise of the show, those details are still unknown. However, in a joint statement with Downs over a confirmed second season, Hacks star Jean Smart shared her plans for Deborah’s future, saying:

“I am absolutely thrilled we are picked up for a second season and I told Hannah [Einbinder] it’s ‘No more Miss Nice Guy; from now on it’s Bette and Joan! And guess who’s BETTE??!!’”

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Which Cast Members Will Be Returning For Season 2 of Hacks?

As we already know, Jean Smart (Mare Of Easttown) and Hannah Einbinder (North Hollywood)—the leading ladies who star as Deborah and Ava—will be returning to their roles. And while no official cast list for season two has been released, Downs’ confirmed that the return of Deborah’s daughter D.J., played by Kaitlin Olson (It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia), is set to return alongside her new UFC-fighting husband.

As for the rest of the crew, including Carl Clemons-Hopkins (Chicago P.D.) as Deborah’s business manager Marcus and Hacks‘ writer and creator Paul W. Downs (Broad City) who also stars onscreen as the pair’s Hollywood agent Jimmy, are yet to be confirmed. However, it’s surely a safe bet that the two will be on board—especially given that the latter is the brains behind the show.

HBO's Hacks

When Will Hacks Season 2 Be Released?

Going off the release date of the first season, it’s likely that a second season of Hacks could hit our screens as soon as mid-May 2022. That is, of course, if COVID-19 restrictions loosen  to allow for a spring 2021 start for production.

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