3 Healthy Benefits Of Probiotics

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We’re all familiar with the saying ‘trust your gut’, right? Your gut is supposedly home to your intuition so when your gut-instinct is trying to tell you something (i.e. butterflies or a sinking feeling), you should listen to it.

However, your gut isn’t just responsible for steering you in the right direction. This over-achieving organ has a huge impact on our overall health and wellbeing. A healthy gut – or microbiota – can strengthen your immune system, improve heart and brain health, boost your mood and regulate your digestion.

So what are probiotics and how can they help boost gut health? Here, three healthy benefits…

Improved Vaginal Health

Did you know that there are multiple strains of bacteria living in your vagina, too? This bacteria helps to keep your vagina healthy, balanced and infection-free. However, vaginal imbalances happen for a number of reasons – including unprotected sex, hormonal changes and poor hygiene – which can result in bacterial vaginosis (BV), yeast infections or trichomoniasis if left untreated.

Alliaus Women's Health And Flora Restore

Sound familiar? Look into specialist probiotics. Alliaus Women’s Health And Flora Restore has been specifically formulated to encourage a healthy vaginal microbiome and improve overall vaginal health with carefully selected probiotics. The patented probiotic strains in Alliaus Women’s Health And Flora Restore have been proven effective by clinical trials. With regular use, it can support ovarian health, provide relief from menstrual pain, assist with vaginal discomfort and help maintain healthy vaginal pH.

Better Digestion

There are quite literally hundreds of species of bacteria reside in your gut – some of these are friendly, while others are not. If you’re dealing with digestive discomfort (think bloating, gas, regularity), it could mean that your microbiome is out of whack. Over time, antibiotics, sugary foods, artificial sweeteners, stress and environmental toxins can feed bad bacteria and knock out the good kind. 

alliaus Digestive Aid

What’s a girl to do? Available in capsule of powder form, a probiotic supplement can help to enhance your gut function by replenishing good bacteria. Alliaus Digestive Aid contains probiotic strains, along with white kidney bean to help clean the intestinal tract. You could also try increasing your consumption of fermented foods – such as yogurt, kimchi and kefir – which are also rich sources of probiotics.

Increased Overall Wellbeing

Your gut has an impact on all areas of your health and when it is impaired, your immunity, stress response, sleep, mood and hormones all take a hit.  So while a holistic approach to your health is ideal (that means plenty of shut eye, loads of fruit, veg and nutrient rich foods, regular exercise and limited toxin intake, ie alcohol!), probiotics could be just the trick to boosting your gut health speedily. Remember, before talking any supplements, always consult your health care professional. Your friendly pharmacist or GP can help. 

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