The Key To Eating Well—No Matter How Crazy Life Gets

Hindsight can be everything.
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With today’s hectic schedules, the list of demands on your time and energy can seem endless. Between juggling work, family, pets, friends and some semblance of a social life, there’s also that old chestnut of taking care of your health. Self-care, daily exercise, a nutritionally balanced diet—all are crucial components for a happier, healthier life, but they’re also key contributors to your burgeoning mental load.

Take meal prep, for example. It takes a fair chunk of organisation to plan out your meals for the week, ensuring that each one ticks the criteria of healthy, tasty, quick, easy and budget-appropriate. Then you need to write your shopping list, run the supermarket gauntlet and find the time to cook said meals. Despite all your good intentions, you inevitably hit a snag—aka a case of the Thursday Night Can’t Be Bothereds—and suddenly there’s a bag of takeaway being delivered to your doorstep.

Cue… meal prep delegation. These days there’s a number of ready-made meal delivery services on-call to make healthy eating easier—you just need to decide which one is right for you.

Chefgood's delicious preprepared meals are too good not to share!
Chefgood’s delicious fresh meals are too good not to share!

Chefgood: Made in Melbourne from locally sourced seasonal produce

Chefgood offers a range of convenient, healthy and delicious meals whipped up by a team of chefs (and a few guest chefs, including Masterchef 2020 finalist Reynold Poernomo). All the meals are made from scratch in Melbourne using locally sourced ingredients and seasonal produce, ticking the boxes of wholesome nutrition and delicious flavour. And all you need to do is heat and serve.

Boring, bland and mass-produced is not part of Chefgood’s philosophy, with a fresh new menu ready to tempt you each week. There’s a diverse range of cuisines and special dietary meals to choose from, such as Lamb Korma, Cauliflower Pilaf & Lime Pickle, Thai Chicken Larb, Roasted Eggplants & Mushroom Red Curry and many more menu stars to satisfy those cravings, quick sticks, and avoid unhealthy choices.

Healthy eating has never been easier thanks to Chefgood.

No nasty additives: Just nutritionally approved good stuff

The beauty of Chefgood is you’re eating real food without any of the nasty additives or hidden sugars often found in other ready-made meals.  

A team of expert nutritionists have done all the hard planning for you, so you can enjoy every mouthful knowing that your nutritional and wholefood needs are being met.  

Kilojoule and dietary needs transparency

Chefgood offers a range of meals that include healthy nutrient-rich ingredients to help you on your health journey. There are some satiating snack options, too, such as the Vegan Cookie, to curb sweet tooths.

If weight loss is your goal, choose the portion-controlled meals designed for sustained weight loss, each with a detailed ingredients list and nutritional information panel to keep you in control of your health journey.

Specific dietary needs can also be catered to—think High Protein, Low Carb, Vegan, Vegetarian, No Added Dairy and No Added Gluten (not suitable for coeliacs) options.

Brought to you by Chefgood. Chefgood is the leading meal-plan choice for Australia’s leading athletes, celebrities and influencers—check out the customer reviews to see how it works for them. As they say, “the proof is in the A-list pudding”.

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