How To #CampAtHome While Self-Isolating

Vacay here this year

If the thought of having no holiday plans for the next year or two (thanks #corona) feels a little claustrophobic, let us school you on the art of camping in your own backyard. All it takes is a little imagination and some smart equipment for you to feel like you’re somewhere else entirely. Here, the essentials you need to camp in safety and style, all available at Anaconda.

1/ A tent that ticks all the boxes

Given everyone is feeling a little hemmed in at the moment, choosing a spacious tent is a no-brainer. Consider your needs before you upgrade: how many people will you accommodate (all from the same household, because #socialdistancing), and how long will you camp for? Choose an option that offers flexibility and the ability to add to its features over time, from extra ‘rooms’ to extendable awnings. Must-haves include ease of assembly, adequate ventilation (look for a model with multiple windows), storage pockets and a hardwearing floor.

2/ Sleeping bags that actually promote sleep

Tossing and turning all night is no-one’s idea of a good time. For a restful break that won’t see you escaping inside to your own bed, investing in a top quality sleep set-up is key. There are three types of sleeping bags – Mummy, Rectangular and Tapered Rectangular – and three fillings – down, synthetic or cotton – to choose from, so it’s best to head online to Anaconda to find the best fit for you. Regardless, you’ll want to team your bag with two accessories: a sleeping mat for added insulation and comfort, and a liner (opt for silk for a luxe touch). And don’t forget your favourite pillow.

Anaconda tent

3/ Michelin-worthy dining options

Not interested in four days’ worth of damper and baked beans? We didn’t think so. A smart campsite kitchen gives you the freedom to cook up a storm under the stars: consider cooking appliances like a next-gen portable camping stove, fire pit, portable barbecue and – obviously – a coffee machine (just be sure to pack the insulated mugs to keep that piccolo piping hot). And importantly, don’t forget unbreakable wine glasses for a cheeky shiraz as the sun sets.

4/ Adequate heating

Because winter is coming! Cooler weather while camping outdoors should not be underestimated, so if you feel the cold, avoid diving underneath your electric blanket and invest in a camping heater such as this one instead. It boasts nearly 6 hours of battery life, so you should remain cosy all night long.

Head to Anaconda for all the camping gear you need ahead of your next backyard adventure.

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