9 Interior Design Accounts To Follow For Seriously Dreamy Home Inspo

Can't help but double tap these elite interiors.

There’s nothing better than looking at interior design Instagrams to get the creative juices flowing. Whether you’re looking to create a new mood board before you renovate or are simply trying to tweak an existing canvas, observing how others approach styling can really help to elevate the space.

From minimalist to maximalist, all-beige-everything to pops of colour, and dreamy to daring, these are the best interior design Instagrams that have us double tapping.

Alba House: @albahouserobertson

Image: @albahouserobertson

Have you ever scrolled through posts of a stunning estate, wishing you could just spend a night (or a few!) there? Fortunately, Alba House not only serves up endless interiors inspo, it also happens to be a luxury stay in the Southern Highlands. The neutral palette carried through the rooms give a relaxing, homely feeling, and the contemporary touches ensure the house, reminiscent of a Tuscan villa, still feels very modern.

Matilda Goad: @matildagoad

Image: @matildagoad

Known for her creative use of colour, patterns, and unique approach to designer, Matilda Goad has gained a following thanks to her fresh and modern touch to the world of home decor. The British interior designer’s signature aesthetic often features a mix of traditional and contemporary elements with bold colors, whimsical patterns, and an integral sense of playfulness.

Edit58: @edit.58

Image: @edit.58

Bohemian with a cottagecore twist, Edit 58 by Lisa Mehydene deserves your follow. Eclectic, bursting with life and ever so cosy, this homeware brand and designer infuses character and charm into living spaces, with charming, bespoke pieces from rugs to cushions. For those seeking to imbue their homes with character and warmth, Edit58 serves as a beacon of inspiration and style, curated with love and a discerning eye for detail.

Beata Heuman @beataheuman

Image: @beataheuman

Beata Heuman is a celebrated interior designer renowned for her unique blend of creativity, elegance, and whimsy in design. Hailing from Sweden and based in London, Beata infuses her projects with a distinctive style that effortlessly combines traditional elements with contemporary flair. Her work – as seen in the home of Adwoa Aboah – showcases a meticulous attention to detail, bespoke furnishings, and a vibrant colour palette that brings spaces to life. Beata’s designs often feature playful touches and unexpected twists, reflecting her belief in creating interiors that are both beautiful and joyous.

Violet Dent: @violet_dent

Image: @violet_dent

Pink, whimsical and insatiably girly, Violet Victoria Dent’s instagram is a masterclass in how to weave the ultra-feminine into your living space, and maintain a feel of sophistication.  Her impressive display of ‘clutter’ will inspire you to display your most treasured items in a way that’s distinctly personal to you.

Chloe Brookman: @70shousereno

Image: @70shousereno

A playful use of colour and antique flair distinguishes Chloe Brookman’s dreamy portfolio of interiors. With a passion for design and sustainability, Brookman, alongside her sister, Olivia, has spearheaded children’s brand Olli Ella’s to becoming a beloved household name celebrated for its stylish and eco-conscious treasures. From children’s furniture to playful decor items, Chloe’s creative vision is reflected in Olli Ella’s diverse range, characterised by its timeless aesthetic and commitment to quality craftsmanship.

Villa Des Fleurs: @villa_desfleurs

Image: @villa_desfleurs

Translating to ‘house of flowers’, this enchanting home owned by Chloe Tozer of Clo Studios blends the French countryside and Italian Riviera to create a light-filled, creative haven, enriched by the owner’s love of  travel. Warm, terracotta tones in natural materials create a calming oasis, so enticing, you’ll feel a wave of serotonin wash over you each time it pops up on your feed.

AP Design House: @apdesignhouse

Image: @apdesignhouse

This account, run by Sydney based interior design studio, AP Design House, is the Instagram equivalent of an emotional reset. Bright, white airy rooms populate this heavenly feed and give you a sense of calm and bliss. Each post displays the various projects AP have worked on and give endless inspiration for those who aspire to live in a neutral minimalist dream home.

Lucy Williams Home: @lucywilliamshome

Image: @lucywilliamshome

For lovers of Kate Winslet’s charming countryside cottage in The Holiday, this is the next best thing. British fashion blogger Lucy Williams poured everything into a home renovation — and the results are truly magical. A perfectly balanced display of dopamine decor is achieved with plates, photos and prints galore in a kaleidoscope of vibrant, joyful colours. Be sure to keep a particular eye on her Instagram at Christmas for the ultimate source of holiday decorating inspiration.

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