How to Find the Perfect Workout for Your Star Sign

Look to the stars for fitspo in 2020

If your new year’s resolutions included “get moving”, but you’re still sitting on the couch eating pretzels, maybe you should bring some cosmic inspiration to your workouts.  We asked astrologer Emma Vidgen to look to the stars for fitness inspiration that your star sign will stick to.


March 21–April 20

It’s true, no other sign enjoys competing – or winning – quite like good ol’ Aries.

TRY Obstacle races such as the 5km Foam Fest, complete with water slides, mud pits and, you guessed it, foam, will appeal to your competitive streak and get your heart rate pounding – just the way you like it.


April 21–May 21

Slow, steady and resilient, you’re happiest when you’re playing the long game.

TRY You’re not afraid to commit to things that take time. Building your strength gradually with a sport like powerlifting will make you feel fierce and satisfy your penchant for long-term goals.


May 22–June 21

Fun and fast is your preferred operating speed for life, not just exercise.

TRY Anything circuit-based like F45 or HIITstep, combining HIIT with an old-school step workout, will keep you from losing interest. You get bored easily, so finding a workout that keeps you intrigued and engaged is the secret to staying motivated.


June 22–July 22

Gentle and nourishing exercise on a soul level, and not just something that works up a sweat, is what you appreciate.

TRY Cancerians love to stay in and nest, so finding a workout you can do in the comfort of your own home, such as yoga and Pilates via Glo (which offers a streaming class subscription with thousands of classes to choose from), will make staying motivated much easier.


July 23–August 23

You’re famous for your love of the spotlight, but what you may not know is that Leo also likes consistency.

TRY Anything that puts you front and centre will feel fantastic, even better if it draws on your natural artistic flair. Try out a “heels dance class” – where you learn classic jazz routines, wearing heels. The repetitive nature of learning choreographed moves will also appeal to your studious side.


August 24–September 22

You find peace doing exercise that gets you out of your head and connects you back to your body. Anything requiring focus will keep your workouts on track.

TRY The technical, precise nature of a megaformer Pilates class will appeal to your analytical mind. If any star sign can tune in and isolate their teres minor, it’s you!


September 23–October 23

Exercise that offers a social aspect will help you stay interested beyond February, as you’re happiest when you’re connecting with others.

TRY Anything collaborative like team sports – think old-school faves such as netball, soccer and Oztag – will keep your workout schedule on track.


October 24–November 22

Scorpio rules the reproductive system, so you love to dive deep into everything you do – including your workouts.

TRY Connecting with your sacral chakra through movement that taps into your sensuality is key. Chair dance classes are the new pole dancing and are offered at most pole studios. Learn to bump and grind around a chair like a striptease to work up a sweat, Scorpio style.


November 23–December 21

Adventurous, outgoing and easily distracted, you need a side of adventure for your sweat sessions.

TRY Running on a treadmill is literally your idea of hell, so skip the gym and join a trail running club to avoid feeling cooped up. Look for a group that tries different routes; variety is crucial to keeping you interested.


December 22–January 20

Mastery is your middle name, so choosing a workout that will deliver material results you can see or measure is the secret to your success.

TRY A class at Barry’s Bootcamp will appeal to your love of hard work and results; or try Orangetheory Fitness, where you can see your statistics on the big screen.


January 21–February 18

Synonymous with innovation and eccentricity, you’ll be drawn to any workout that uses the latest in tech and group fitness.

TRY You like to feel part of a group, so classes that harness cutting-edge tech, such as virtual fitness from Les Mills (, are a great option to keep you coming back for more.


February 19–March 20

Being in water feels like home, so keep your workouts aqua-focused for maximum motivation.

TRY Choose a workout that connects your body and spirit to the water, such as FloatFit ( – a combo of yoga and HIIT performed on floating platforms. If that sounds like too much effort, try ocean swimming.

This article originally appeared in the February 2020 issue of marie claire. 

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