Your Weekly Horoscopes Are Here: October 27th – November 3rd

See what the stars have in store for you this week...

If you celebrate your birthday this week:

Your Year Ahead

Until mid-November, the planets counsel that you should tie up loose ends and let go of unhealthy habits.  This is a time to resolve grievances, rather than compound them.  Apologies and forgiveness are required too.   Do this, and the remainder of your year promises success and a touch more wealth.  The biggest treasure? Your newly discovered self-confidence.  At last you realise just how strong and amazing you really are.  


Aries (March 21 – April 20)

Best Day:  Friday 27th

Ariens tend to hold firm beliefs. Usually, it takes a very strong argument to convince you of anything but your own mind. Occasionally, though, you meet intriguing new company that instigates effortless change.  Could this be love?  Or maybe, a delightful friendship.


Taurus (April 21 – May 20)

Best Day: Sunday 29th

Many Taureans are offered a new source of funding this week. Reassuring indeed, as lack of money has been a problem for quite some time.  Bad news: you won’t be fully cashed-up for a while.  Forget the credit cards too.  They’re probably maxed out.  


Gemini (May 21 to June 21)

Best Day:  Wednesday 1st

If you suffer minor setbacks this week, don’t fret.  Pursue what’s working and leave the rest behind.  It wouldn’t hurt to change your image for something more stylish, either.  And if you can squeeze in enough time for an active social life, all the better. New love could be yours for the taking.


Cancer (June 22 – July 22)

Best Day: Thursday 2nd

There’s a creative life force within us all that propels us forward whether we’re aware of it or not.  It’s all about getting in touch with your own personal power.  It’s about bravery and certainty, which must be accessed in order to see what your next step will be.  Be audacious Cancer.  Where will your life take you next?


Leo (July 23 – August 23)

Best Day:  Monday 30th

Leos slip into cruise mode and stay pretty much unflappable for most of the week.  Seemingly, not much can go wrong if you take life as it comes – and if you have put a little extra effort into recent ventures, this could be a time of reward.  Deservedly so.


Virgo (August 24 – September 22)

Best Day:  Sunday 29th

Worried about your life’s direction?  Maybe you’ve lost control, either at work or at play.  Professionally, you may not feel up to the task.  At home, you’re dissatisfied.  Could it be that you’re living someone else’s dream?  If necessary, it might be the time to break away and fly solo.  


Libra (September 23 – October 23)

Best Day:  Tuesday 31st

While Librans aren’t usually gullible, you’re still capable of being deceived. What’s more, you probably know in your heart that things don’t feel right. Maybe it’s time to ask why you’re going against your better instincts. Who are you trying to please, and is there sufficient reason?


Scorpio (October 24 – November 22)

Best Day: Saturday 28th

That old self-doubt is back again, but you’ll just have to scrape up your self esteem and paste on your best smile.  Most of the trouble is home-grown, so you’re in for some candid chat if there’s any hope of restoring the peace.  Sometimes it’s best to just forgive and forget.  


Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21)

Best Day: Wednesday 1st

Someone older may offer help with a personal matter.  Despite your initial caution about their sincerity, your secret is safe with them.  Take the chance to push yourself forward at work, or socially.  There’s very little harm that can come your way when there’s so much support lifting you high.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Best Day: Thursday 2nd

Sometimes it takes adversity to force your sometimes all-too-stubborn Capricorn mind.  When you refuse to instigate change – the cosmos will do it for you.  Conversely, when life starts to fall into place, it’s not always simple luck or timing.  This week, you can take the most of the credit for a job well done.  


Aquarius (January 21 – February 18)

Best Day:  Saturday 28th

Stop talking about what you would like to do – instead, get busy, and do it.  Money and status are easier to achieve if you take the lead, rather than follow.  Be practical about a discussion or meeting that takes place after the 1st.  Prepare well, and be honest in all your dealings. 


Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Best Day:  Monday 30th

You’re on a roll, Pisces. Not only are the ideas sparking, they’re also connecting. At times, your projects can dawdle along – but not now.  Jaws drop as you power into top gear. Week’s end concentrates on finances.  Money and assets take priority – but family life must get a look-in too.  

By Tanya Obreza:

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