Millennials Are Buying Indoor Plants Instead Of Houses


I can’t afford a house! Who can? For anyone living in one of Australia’s major cities, buying real estate without the help of very, very generous parents or a lottery ticket is virtually impossible.

So it only makes sense that young Australians are putting their money elsewhere. Clothes? Designer shoes? Travel? Not quite.

New data collected from Google, via The Economist, has suggested millennials are more likely to save for a house plant than a home. Yes, we’re favouring Fiddle Leaf Figs over a house in the suburbs and 1.5 kids.

“They [millennials] can afford houseplants and many are finding that nurturing them is a more manageable form of domesticity,” The Economist wrote, noting that one third of houseplant sales in the United States are made by young people.

Explaining that Google searches for houseplants have increased dramatically over the past few years, The Economist — perhaps cheekily — suggests that a houseplant is “easier to maintain” than a home. Which, for anyone who has struggled with keeping a fern alive in the depths of winter, is laughable.

So there we have it, houseplants are more achievable than owning a home — and that’s seriously sad. We’re not crying, we swear.

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