Chrissy Teigen Just Discovered The Weirdest Iphone Hack Ever

And alerted us with photos of her boobs, naturally

Chrissy Teigen just alerted us to a futuristic and kinda creepy iPhone feature we didn’t know existed. 

After a tweet went viral, which told women to “Go to your photos and type in ‘Brassiere,'” Teigen posted her results, showing every lingerie/cleavage/bikini photo she’s ever taken on her phone. 

It turns out iPhones have a search function which sorts your camera roll into categories – ‘brassiere’ exists if you’ve ever taken a risky photo – or just a photo in a bikini or sports bra, and so does ‘adult cat’, if you happen to have a furry friend who you can’t help taking photos of (guilty). 

According to The Verge, Apple added image recognition to its software when it released iOS 10 in 2016, meaning the Photos app can detect what objects are in your photos.

iOS 11, the latest update, also added extra artificial intelligence which could be why people are just noticing the feature now. 

Teigen also tweeted she was confused about why “brassiere” was a term when others, especially terms for men’s bits, were not.

Naturally, Teigen’s followers quickly responded to the model, sending their own hilarious screenshots. 

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