So… Jarrod Might Actually Win The Bachelorette

Fresh evidence says it all

We know, we know. Poor Jarrod Woodgate has been the butt of every Bachelorette joke all season – what started as a simple stage five clinger situation quickly escalated to pot plant gate and tears in a Giraffe onesie – but here we are at finale night and the vineyard manager is still vying for Sophie’s heart. What’s more – there’s good evidence that he’s won it.

A mere two hours ago, Jarrod posted the below photo to Instagram with this telling caption: “I’ve fallen in love with this incredible woman and I’m so excited to see where this heads. Knowing that my family adore her and she feels the same about them means the world to me.”

Yes, he could simply be leading us on by using the present tense, but this is Jarrod Woodgate we’re talking about: if he were heartbroken, we have a feeling he’d have a hard time covering it up.

Not convinced? Consider this: the Daily Mail has discovered a Wikipedia page on Sophie Monk that listed – wait for it – Jarrod as the Bachelorette winner. Just hours later, it was edited to Stu.

Interesting, no? Below, a list of further reasons why Sophie could be about to shock us all:

1/ Jarrod was an early favourite, receiving both the coveted first date and the first kiss.

2/ No-one can deny he’s on the show for all the right reasons.

3/ He represents exactly what Sophie wants – a nice, normal guy who isn’t just interested in her for her fame.

4/ Tellingly, she’s defended him in all her recent media interviews.

5/ In the words of Apollo, Jarrod’s “got a lot of stuff going for him. Pot plant aside, he’s 100 per cent there for her. He’s protective, he’s strong, he’s a real nurturer as well.”

6/ Producers love a shock twist, and this would be their most outrageous yet.

7/ He makes wine. Sophie loves wine!

8/ Unlike hot favourite Stu Laundy, Jarrod doesn’t come with four children (and a compromised ability to have any more).

We rest our case.

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