This Is What Kate Middleton Really Eats In A Day

She's quite the foodie!
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The Duchess of Cambridge is known as a style icon, but who knew she was also a foodie? The Royal chef has revealed the secrets of what she really eats in a day…

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Apparently curries are some of her favourite foods

According to Royal chef Carolyn Robb, Kate Middleton has taken quite a liking to cooking in the kitchen, and she loves cooking curries best. Prince William isn’t quite so much of a fan though, saying of her cooking, “It’s the reason I’m so skinny!”

She has tried the Dukan Diet

When she has wanted to lose weight in the past, she has been rumoured to try the Dukan Diet, which favours high-protein, low-carb foods.

When she was pregnant, she loved eating fruit

Kate Middleton reportedly struggled with food aversion during pregnancy but she combated it with avocados, berries, and oatmeal to help her put on more weight.

She loves desserts

The Royal family loves eating Christmas pudding and fruitcake around the holiday season but Kate Middleton reportedly loves having cakes and sweets on other occasions too.

She’s not scared to try adventurous foods

On the Royal tour of Canada, she tried a lot of unusual delicacies, such as geoduck clams with miso mustard sauce.

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