Here’s How To Be A Morning Workout Person According To Kayla Itsines

First step, get rid of your snooze button.

Getting up early can be the hardest part about finding motivation to workout. But never fear, fitfluencer Kayla Itsines has some simple strategies to spring out of bed and start moving right away.

The creator of the BBG program wrote on her blog about the things you can start doing to workout early.

Here are just a few of her best tips…

Stop hitting snooze

Itsines says that by using the snooze button more than once or twice, it’s easy to lose your motivation. If you’re finding it hard to stop sleeping in, she suggests waking up with a couple of stretches.

Try shorter, more high intensity workouts 

If you’d rather not get up at the crack of dawn for an hour long pilates class, you can opt for a 30 minute workout which makes it easier to fit in. The workouts Kayla suggests on her app Sweat With Kayla are designed to work on the go.

Reward yourself for a streak of waking up early

If waking up is tough for you, have something to look forward to like breakfast at your favourite cafe, Kayla suggests. It will help keep you motivated and get you into a good habit.

It’s not gonna be easy, but it will pay off in the long run!

Read the rest of her recommendations here.

This article originally appeared on Women’s Health Magazine Australia

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