This Is The New True-Crime Series Everyone Is Talking About

While you wait for Making A Murderer Season 2

Call it the Serial effect. Ever since Sarah Koenig invited us into her investigation of Adnan Syed’s murder trial, we’ve been addicted to true crime. We binged our way through Making A Murderer (and applauded when a second season was announced), then became all-consumed by The Teachers Pet.

Now, there’s something to fill the magnifying glass–shaped gap in your life: Exposed: The Keli Lane Tapes. The explosive new ABC documentary explores the story of Keli Lane, who was convicted of murdering her two-day-old daughter in 1996.

Throughout the three-part series, the 43-year-old Australian speaks to ABC journalist Caro Meldrum-Hannah from prison – she’s currently serving an 18-year sentence – stating she believes her daughter Tegan is still alive.

Chilling, compelling and utterly gripping. Watch it on Tuesday nights on the ABC or at ABC iView.

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