Why This Photo Of Kendall Jenner Is Freaking People Out

Where has Kendall’s leg gone?

It seems like almost every day there’s another photo floating around the internet with some sort of optical illusion that makes us stop and go, huh?

And today’s edition stars none other than Kendall Jenner.

A photo taken at a Golden Globes after party last week shows Jenner sitting and enjoying the festivities beside sister Kylie and bestie Hailey Baldwin. Looks normal enough, right. 

Well on closer inspection fans began to notice there’s something missing in the pic – Kendall’s leg.

“Where is Kendall’s other leg,” wrote one fan, while another added: “There are a weird amount of legs in this photo.🙄🤔😬”

Thankfully though this fan seemed to have worked it out: “Kendall’s leg is in the dress and her legs are crossed! Her other leg is under the one that is showing 😂 it’s just under the fabric lollll”.

So it seems Kendall’s other leg was just under the fabric of her Paule Ka gown – phew.

Case closed.

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