Lena Dunham’s New Series Is Being Hailed As ‘Euphoria’ Meets ‘Sex Education’

Prepare to be hooked

If you’re looking for a show that perfectly blends the dark and gritty world of Euphoria with the cynically comedic world of Sex Educationwe’ve officially found it. Lena Dunham’s new series, Generation (styled Genera+ion), is exactly what you’ve been looking for, and it’s fitting, considering in the first episode of Dunham’s hit show Girlsher character Hannah Horvath, proclaims herself the voice of her generation—”or, at least, a voice of a generation.”

The show was written by 19-year-old Zelda Barnz and her dad Daniel Barnz, who has written and directed moviesincluding the Jennifer Aniston film Cake. Lena is being brought on as producer for the show, while Daniel will direct.

The series follows a group of high school students as they navigate their sexuality, relationships, and family. Add in the toxic and anxiety-inducing thread of social media pressures and it offers up a dark, but refreshingly real, look at the adolescent experience. 

Each half-hour episode takes a look inside a different students perspective, “whose exploration of modern sexuality—devices and all—tests deeply entrenched beliefs about life, love, and the nature of family in their conservative community,” per the official synopsis. 

“I wanted to see myself and kids my own age represented on TV in a way that felt real, without judgment or nostalgia,” said Zelda. “I’m so appreciative of my mentor and soul-sister Lena Dunham for all her support and guidance, and so thankful to HBO Max for making this crazy dream come true.

Lena Dunham & Zelda Barnz, HBO Max
Lena Dunham & Zelda Barnz, HBO Max

Dunham said of the upcoming project: “I have fallen head over heels for this brilliant family, who have allowed their 18-year-old daughter Zelda to express herself in a way that’s both effortlessly funny and plumbs the depths of the adolescent experience. Daniel’s direction is sensitive and artful and as a producer, Ben is equally committed to rigor and fun. I cannot wait for people to see Zelda’s brilliance come to life and to meet this insanely impressive cast of honest, powerful performers and I’m so excited to be a part of the soon to be a juggernaut of HBO Max.”

Confirmed cast members include Nathanya Alexander (Ocean’s Eight), Chloe East, Nava Mau, Lukita Maxwell, Haley Sanchez, Uly Schlesinger (The Sinner), Sam Trammell (The Fault in Our Stars), Chase Sui Wonders, Justice Smith, and Martha Plimpton.

Watch the first official trailer below: 

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In addition to Generation, Dunham directed the pilot for and executive produces Industry, a drama delving into the money-making world of banking and the scandalous lives of those who seek to make it big in the corporate world. 

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