Leonardo DiCaprio’s Doppelgänger Is A Regular Guy Working At Lush Cosmetics

We’d buy a scented bath bomb from him

Hot on the heels of Reese Witherspoon revealing on Instagram her uncannily similar doppelgänger, Marilee, who has worked with the Oscar-winner on five movies and is currently “helping out” on Big Little Lies season 2, comes another more thrilling (for Leo fans) doppelgänger reveal.

Instagram detectives have discovered a Leonardo DiCaprio lookalike on the ‘Gram and he’s an employee at bath, body and cosmetics retailer, Lush Cosmetics.

DiCaprio’s doppelgänger was recently featured by Lush on a post about their Dirty Styling Cream and the astounding resemblance was immediately noticed and gushed over by everyone on the internet. Naturally, everyone with two feet, a heartbeat and access to Google delved into finding out everything to know about this Leo-lookalike and of course, which exact store he works at, for research purposes, of course.

According to The Cut, Dicaprio’s double is a guy called Willie who is an “in-house photographer at Lush” and it’s not the first time he’s been mistaken for The Wolf of Wall Street star. “I’ve had quite a few people at Lush HQ call me Leo, but I was pretty surprised to see the response from our Lushies,” The Cut reports Willie said via a Lush PR. 

In further good news for fans of DiCaprio, Willie isn’t the only Leo doppelgänger around, back in 2015 the internet found another Leo-lookalike, a Swedish model/skateboarder called Konrad Annerud. The model regularly selfies looking broody and Leo-like, which between him and Willie, should surely satisfy even the most avid Leo fan looking to lose themselves in a Leo social media image spiral.

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