Camping Just Got A Luxury Makeover With Louis Vuitton’s Monogrammed Tent

Glamping trip, anyone?

While many of us had imagined our holiday plans for this year a little differently than the reality they turned out to be (read: on the couch in a pair of matching sweats was not on the top of the list), we’ve begun to look at other ways of escaping amid the ongoing pandemic. Thankfully, Australia has plenty on offer – from beachside getaways to outback road trips, the possibilities of where to travel on our very own shores are endless.  

One of those said escapisms many have looked to? Camping.

While it admittedly hasn’t been on the top of our bucket list, the latter has been given a luxe update thanks to Louis Vuitton’s latest creation. 

The fashion house has introduced a monogram tent, retailing at $109,000, with the brand’s “nomadic spirit” in mind. Which yes, now includes a backyard adventure. And since Louis Vuitton has been a go-to for travel trunks, luggage and accessories since 1854, its latest venture into the outdoors is both spectacular and unsurprising. 

louis vuitton
louis vuitton

Conceived by designer Virgil Abloh, the Louis Vuitton Monogram Tent fits two people and features the brand’s iconic Monogram print on the exterior while the inside is adorned with its new Cloud print, as seen as part of its autumn/winter 2020 menswear collection. It’s also been created with functionality in mind, using water-repellent fabric. 

“Through the blue and white, cloudy interior, one is instantly transported on a surreal journey of overnight exploration, be it in a faraway land or in a snug corner of one’s garden,” the brand said via a press release. 

And before you ask, yes there are some equally as chic LV monogrammed camping accessories to go with it. 

louis vuitton

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